Well, how am I getting on with my impossible list of stuff to do?

Hair – I’ve washed the dreads, bought elastic bands and found someone daft enough to help put them in.

All0tment – rain has stipped me getting there to check the peas, but I repotted some tomatoes earlier – have to repot the Amish ones (again) and the earlies, but I’ve run out of compost….will buy more tomorrow (assuming it’s on offer – 81p!!!)

MMM-12/Colette – Erm. I went to the charity shop the other day – they had fabric. I bought most of it. The bits that ‘go’ with the challenge – the purple cotton that looks like a 70s bedsheet (it isn’t), the aqua stuff that I think is best used as lining, and er,,,,not the tomato red stretchy velvet stuff, or the black suiting type material, nor is it the stretchy 80s splatter print in black and red on white. Oops. The pattern I bought in the sale (£2.47 – woop – even though it’s a $2.99 pattern :s) is a plain dress pattern. Not shorts, or a jacket, or even a blouse. Oh dear.I am about to attempt to do some more of the netty petty, so I will shortly hate pins.

Done a bit of washing, pots and clothes. I’ve even (the important bit) wrteen up half a dozen reports this morning, so now I actually have time to do stuff.

I didn’t skate – funds and ropey gumshield meant no chance. Elbow still knackered from Polenastics 😦

Thing I Need To Make #1 – http://lladybird.wordpress.com/2012/04/17/tutorial-the-jenny-belt/ I was rather drawn to the turquoise version, but I have that bag of leather scraps I found – now I have a project (or 3) to make feom them – yay!!!

Right. where’s them pins…..


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