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Posted: April 19, 2012 in Colette S/S'12, dressmaking, Fabric trauma, Fat bastard, minor rant
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I made a start on the final tier of the netty petty – I did a third of it – believe me, that’s more than enough for one day! My poor neck….

Following on from that, I thought I’d make the skirt to go with it, out of some sheerish black fabric  I got from Peterborough market. I used the skirt bit from Butterick 4790, cos it’s really full, and managed to get it on one bit of fabric – I did cut down one side because it needs a zip. The zip went in perfectly. The waist is only a little too big. The hem is all over the place. It’s currently on the dummy, waiting to see how much more on the piss the hem will be before I can actually sort it out – bummer is that the shorter bits are a bit too short. Gah.

I was determined to make something that fit, and I really liked the fabric. I also had a good metre and a half left, and I had a hankering for a blouse (I think I may get away with this for the S/S 12 challenge, even though it’s the wrong colour 😀 ), so thought I’d go for Taffy, as I like the sleeves.

Now, I was a bit worried about the fact it was cut on the bias. I hate bias cut skirts – they always cling in the wrong places and make me look really lumpy :(, so it was not without trepidation I went about this.

Having learned my lesson from my previous pattern experiences, I looked at the FINISHED garment measurements, and measured the pieces before deciding on a size. Now, according to Colette sizing, I am a 14 (which is my actual dress size which makes a nice change), and my Meringue was hyoooge! This time I cut a 10. Yes, a 10, and I have hefty boobage…I was surprised but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

It went together really easily, this despite the fact my sewing machine was having the mother of all mardy fits and kept snapping the thread, looping stitches, having tension traumas etc etc…I changed the needle, changed it for a smaller one, changed the upper tension, the lower tension, swore, cursed, took the pins out before sewing over them……I got there in the end but it needs looking at, I think…..a service is long overdue!

I did the bias binding on the neck PERFECTLY…all the stitching was spot on, the seam was neat and……it was inside out. What a dickhead!!! As it happens, I tried the top on, the neck was stiff and gapey, so I turned the binding to the inside and stitched it to the blouse, and now it’s much better…. 🙂

Instead of binding and hemming the sleeves and bottom, I used my overlocker to do a rolled hem – bias binding would have been far too stiff for those sleeves, and I wanted them floaty….

I believe I actually have an item I’m really pleased with and am looking forward to wearing. It *is* a little tight on the hips, the bit I DIDN’T measure lol but it’s easily rectified with a slit up each side or by me being less porky…

The neck is still a little wide and gapey, next time I shall make the neck smaller

Not sure you can see the shiny bubbly pattern on this pic but it's ace

Ah yes – the dummy has had a boob job and a makeover – she now has one of my bras stuffed with Bob’s boxer shorts and a couple of towels to make her more my measurements…bless.

Hemmed the self drafted skirt, so it’s wearable, but the gingham top is a write off – raised the shoulders, it didn’t really help, and now the sleeves are all wrong. Bleh.

On a completely unrelated note, a couple of weeks ago, a friend and I were discussing why they didn’t make flavoured pork scratchings – I was all for Worcestershire sauce or chilli. Well, yesterday, I found these…..

How cool is that? Will give you my verdict when I’ve tried them…

  1. Andi says:

    Ooh, pretty! That’s the perfect lightweight fabric for that shirt. I do like bias better for tops than bottoms (I am lumpy on the bottom too; structure is my friend) because I think it floats over the girls and camouflages everything else.

    My dummy isn’t quite my size, but since I can’t make her upper back smaller I just have to roll with it. I have a cheap adjustable form and really, I just use it to help with putting zippers in dresses.

    Do not like pork rinds. At all. I did Atkins very briefly, years ago, and tried to eat them with guacamole….and I think I killed any desire to have them ever again.

    • beklet says:

      I think I’m coming round to the bias tops thing _ want to make another in a really silly fabric, but my sewing machine already hates me, and I don’t have screaming pink overlocker thread… 😀 The goth in me wants to make a PVC Meringue covered in the scary pink shit or cobweb lace……oh dear.
      My dummy is a size small, meaning a UK 8-10. I’ve had to bulk it up for my big round back (I’ve finally sussed the gape problem) and add a good 4″ to the waist….
      Atkins…I did it, it was OK but I love fruit…paleo is the way to go for me….

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