OK, what I actually did

Posted: May 2, 2012 in Diet bollocks, Fat bastard, MMM '12, nutrition, paleo paleo, WGW, What the fuck am I thinking?
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My computer is being so slow today! I got halfway through my last post and couldn’t be arsed……

Whitby – as mentioned, torrential rain and gale force winds – we managed one decent day,where we went for a walk on the beach – the rest of it was spent running to and from the pub/takeaway/shops.

I did manage to pretty myself up, a bit. Friday night I wore the Space Dress, and in honour of this did my makeup in alien green lol

Look at the greenness lol

The following night, the ladybird corset got an outing, as did some truly ridiculous red makeup

I have no pics of me taken in May yet, but I think the hair will count as one of the me-made items – I did make them , after all! It would be cheating to use them more than once per installation though….

While we were sitting in the cottage, out of the rain, I watched Fat Head again – the second time round hit home more than the first, so much so that Bob and I now have an agreement – with the exception of social occasions (birthdays, holidays, weddings etc), he is not allowed beer, and I’m not allowed sugar. We’ll see how that goes…..

As such, I’ve just made a huge 5lb meatloaf from the recipe at Modern Paleo Warfare (check blogroll) and that will keep us in food for 2-3 days…


  1. Andi says:

    Ooh, I love the alien green makeup! Sorry to hear about the terrible weather, storms rarely happen at convenient times (“convenient times” being when I can curl up with a book rather than going out in it).

    Did you make the ladybird corset? That is gorgeous!

    • beklet says:

      Oh, I did read 3 books while we were there so I got some quality reading time in! I did indeed make the corset – Im a bit proud of it lol

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