Disappointment is a bitch

Posted: May 6, 2012 in Colette S/S'12, dressmaking, Fabric trauma, fail, Fat bastard
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Yes, it is.

I decided to make the Taffy out of the flowery floaty fabric. It’s one on my list of things to do for the Palette Challenge. The fabric itself was the most fraytastic horror this side of Chinese Satin….but it didn’t matter as a) it has French seams, and b) it’s going to look AWESOME.

Well….I did much the same as last time, cut out the same size, though I did make the neck slightly higher (about an inch) and I omitted the ties. I didn’t like the bias binding, so turned it in (this made no difference to the fit, I assure you) and I did a rolled hem again on the sleeves and hem. It looked so beautiful…..then…..

DISASTER! It’s too tight! I can wear it, and it looks gorgeous BUT it pulls across the top of my back and chest and really digs in at the front of my (admittedly shotputterish) shoulders. Gutted. The black one didn’t do that at all, and I cut the same size……AARGGHHH!!!!

Pic of it on the dummy (it truly is not as shapeless as it looks on there, honest!)

I did rehem my trousers and fix the elastic on my favourite green velvet skirt though, so something has gone without incident!!!

  1. Valerie says:

    gorgeous top! don’t you hate it when the material makes the sizing different (been there done that!) commiserations

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