Excitement in the loft!!!

Posted: May 7, 2012 in Colette S/S'12, dressmaking, Fabric trauma, Fat bastard, knitting, MMM '12, paleo paleo, Vanity
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Firstly, the Week 1 Me-Made-May 12 roundup. It’s quite underwhelming as it’s a weekend where I had to do crappy stuff so no opportunity to dress up at all, and Bob can’t take good pics on my phone but meh. I managed 3 items (just) but I’m going to have to do a whole lot better next week!!!

The beginning of the week was a write off as I was ill and bleurgh. Friday, I wore my chilli skirt to work, tastefully teamed with leggings and para boots, and a scruffy t-shirt – I did get a couple of compliments on the skirt though – it’s a basic circle skirt. Wearing observations? I made the waist a little tight and it digs in after a few hours….an inch or so off my belly should sort that…. 😀

Next up was the purple dress I made for the wedding, teamed with a long purple skirt (it was windy out, and my leggies were cold) – it was pretty comfortable, tbh, and had stood up well to my brutal washing machine…

Yes, my hair looks crap….

Next up was yesterday, where I wore my baggies – dead comfy but the zip didn’t want to stay up!!! This may be down to my belly more than anything – it is somewhat protruding. Note – these are not the best fit, being New Look Miles of Ease trousers, but they’re ok for bimbling round the house etc…

So that’s week 1. I’ll try harder next week, I promise!!!

Now, back to yesterday’s disaster of a Taffy. I got both of them and measured them. Measurements were pretty much the same, so I cut off the binding etc from the smaller neckline and restitched. It is a better fit now. Still slightly tight but not digging in and restrictive so I’m much happier, and it’s definitely more wearable.

The finished, less tight item

Me taking a pic, in which you can see the rolled sleeve hems

Hanging around with a friend

I made another epic meatloaf

Or not, the link appears to be broken, WTF?

I went to sort dome crap in the attic today, as Bob’s boarded the floor….OMG. I found some items I’d made at least 7 years ago…some from patterns, one self drafted. What’s galling is that I was better at inserting zips then……. o_O

Made from some off textured, slightly glittery fabric – I can get it on, but it’s very tight and rides up….

And the back – the back actually comes down to a point – looks odd with a stiff fabric!

And then a handkerchief skirt – I have about an inch to lose before I can fasten this up – shame, as it’s quite nice…

Check out that construction lol – pre-overlocker!!!

Hand stitching the facing to the zip – embarrassingly, my hand stitching was better then too!!!

That zip may look ropey as all hell, but it’s better than anything I’ve tried recently – AND I didn’t have a zipper foot at the time……

And the complete item. I quite like it, actually. I still have the pattern, it can’t be too hard to grade up the waist a couple of inches……

And the bonus UFO. I started this top then gave up as it was starting to get complicated and it looked like it was going to be too small. Not only did I find the half-finished top (which is a little small, but I was thinking maybe it could be a corset type back or I could just put extra panels in) but a piece of the fabric, 36″x53″ – more than enough to make something else!


Yes, I know it’s that awful satin that makes me want to cry…..but LOOK AT IT. IT IS GREEN AND BEAUTIFUL. I’m going to overlock the shit out of all the edges this week, to stop it fraying anymore (it’s been in the loft for almost 7 years lol)

I also found some wool I bought to make hair extensions out of, which I think can be incorporated into a knitting project (when I ever finish my scarf!!), and how convenient – they are good to go for the Colette Palette Challenge 😀

Purple and aqua goodness. And green. I love green.


Right, now I’m going to drool over that green satin….(or move the cat off it as she’s decided it’s her new bed….)

  1. I like your Taffy and think it turned out really well! BTW, I just dyed my hair again and I think we have similar colors, LOL. Unfortunately, mine is washing out rather quickly at the moment. As for the slipping zipper, I’ve seen a repair where people loop a small rubber band through the zipper pull, pull up the zipper, loop the other end of the rubber band over the button and then put the button through the buttonhole. It’s supposed to keep your zipper up without having to do any sewing repairs.

    Sometimes I find that my old clothing is better made, too. What’s that all about?

    • beklet says:

      Yay I saw the pink hair! Mine is slightly darker, not that you can tell with all the extensions in! They’re annoying me atm, but I have to keep them in for Leipzig (though I will be redoing some, with liberal use of dry shampoo!)
      I may bear that in mind for future zips (or get a smaller gut)
      After another zip disaster, I just made a dress with lots of shirring. Tedious, but less traumatic 😀

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