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Posted: May 13, 2012 in Allotment, dressmaking, WGT
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Quick post, while I finish my tea.


It’s another lovely day, and I’ll shortly be off to the allotment to do some digging and plant stuff.

Things that are going through my mind atm….

Is it too early to plant the ‘early’ tomatoes outside? They are flowering, after all…..

Am I being lazy by putting the sweetcorn, oca and courgettes straight into the ground?

What the hell am I going to wear at Leipzig? I want cool outfits, but I like to be comfortable. I can see myself packing some pretty clothes then spending 5 days slobbing around in combat shorts and a vest… do you make goth clothes comfortable (and flattering)?

Today’s list of stuff includes – digging, sowing lots of seeds, planting tomatoes out (well, some of them), crossing fingers, buying buttons and cat litter, and possibly writing a long rambling post about it all later….

  1. Well, I can not help you with the gardening as I have a black thumb. Really, whatever I told you to do, you’d have to do the exact opposite!

    As for comfortable and flattering goth clothes — I cheat, and make regular clothes but in black. Or in black-friendly prints. The most comfortable skirts I made when I was starting out in goth-dom were knee-length tiered skirts. The back waist was elastic and the front was a drawstring, so they would be adjustable. I made them in skull prints and things like that, and wore them literally EVERYWHERE. In fact, I miss those skirts….I should make some for this summer.

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