Leipzig – sehr geil!

Posted: May 31, 2012 in WGT
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Actually, looking at that, some numpty might think I meant the other thing – oops.

Firstly, I have no photos atm, this is because I’m a div and left my phone at a friends, and I can’t get it back till this afternoon. D’oh.

WGT was – amazing, overwhelming, and the weather was very very hot. Hmmm what to talk about first? Clothes, I think. I took very few clothes, due to the expected weather and still I didn’t wear them all, it was just too hot. Didn’t stop plenty of others going out in PVC etc but I’m all for comfort over fashion – I’m too old for that shit. I did indeed spend most of my time slobbing around in combat shorts and a vest…

I have a few observations about Germany and German goths, and some things they don’t tell you before you go…

German goths are very well put together. Their style is as eclectic as anyones, but I honestly saw very few of the horrors I see elsewhere. Generally, they like their clothes to fit well and go together. Ripped and patterned tights are a big thing (which pleases me as I really like the look), as are crinolines. Crinolines are definitely The Thing. And as a mate pointed out, most people actually wear black. Thing that annoyed me ever so slightly? The cool patterned tights were often made by a British company, or by companies that are often sold in UK department stores, but all we get is the really boring shit. Grrr. I also noticed most weren’t wearing big platform boots, but I put it down to them not wanting Treffen Foot. The reason soon became clear when I went to see the bands. Germans are TALL. Bob, at a reasonable gnats whisker off 6′ felt short, and the women were usually over 5′ 6″. They are also pretty slim. It was pretty rare to see a fat German goth. Proof of this is when I bought t shirts, and I had to buy size XL. To put that into context, I’m about a size 14 in tops, which is a US 10.

Food. As expected, the choice of meats and cheeses was amazing, even the bread was nice (and is often a small amount served with a meal, not the main attraction). There are some things not so good though – they like their food salty. Very salty. I struggled with my soup the first day, until I got used to it. They also like things sweet. Now, I have a real sweet tooth, but…… we had some Currywurst at the station, which is effectively a large saveloy sliced up and covered in curry sauce. German curry sauce is like sweet and sour sauce with a bit of curry powder in it – it’s actually really nice but you can’t eat too much of it…. Overall, I liked the food, and it was plentiful. Where there are goths, there is food. Each venue had plenty of food and drink stalls outside and in. I had to laugh actually, I went around the market on the last day, and on the stall selling herbas and spices they had bags of curry powder – ‘Thai curry powder’, ‘Indian curry powder’ and ‘Englisches curry powder’….

It’s also compulsory to smoke in Germany. Smoking inside public buildings may be illegal, but there is plenty of provision for smokers and some bars do allow smoking inside (the one at the main railway station for instance)

Things that are useful to know before going to Germany;

Pfand – if you buy a drink, the first time you must pay pfand (deposit, pledge), which you get back at the end when you take your glass back. This also applies to some restaurants, and bottles you buy in supermarkets. Some shops have bottle banks where you put your bottles in and get your pfand.

Most cafes have a system where you take your tray and plates back to a central point, similar to IKEA.

If you want tea, you need to ask for schwarz tee. Otherwise you get fruity tea. There is no real distinction between types of black tea though, and on any given day, we were given Earl Grey, Assam, Darjeeling and Breakfast tea… 😀 It;s also possible the only thing available to put in your tea is coffee cream (kaffeesahne)

Same applies with beer. Schwarzbier is more like ale, otherwise you get Pils.

Public transport is very good and efficient, but the main trains were still 10 mins late each time!

The little green man at the lights – not waiting for him, even if there is no traffic, risks a fine.

Food and drink and many basic stuff is dirt cheap, compared to the UK. Beer in the supermarket is 69 cents (plus 8 cents pfand), similar in the UK would be £1.50. Luxury goods are more expensive, goth clothes etc are much the same price, but in my opinion, the quality is slightly better (and most things are a better fit)

I will put up some pics when I get my phone back, though there aren’t many.

The accommodation was good, the bed was huge, and don’t believe all that you are told – not everyone speaks English, even young people. Although I have a very basic knowledge of German, it can let you down – I often managed to successfully ask for something, the shop assistant would then think I would speak German and asked loads of questions, and got a blank look in return! Definitely going next year and definitely going to do a course or something!

I also had some sewing related revelations while I was there, which I will probably expand upon in the next post. I think my sewing will be going in a very different direction from now on, we shall see.

Oh, and the deads are out, my hair is orange and purple. Ugh.

  1. Andi says:

    Have you seen the Gibbous Fashions website? They’re at http://www.gibbousfashions.com and the tattered Victorian look is somewhat close to what you seem to be describing with German goths. I would DIE to dress in Gibbous skirts, but that would attract attention and commentary in my town — even more than bright hair, I think… Still, some of that look with the petticoats and crinolines and ripped stockings is really, really appealing to me.

    Purple hair is lovely, but orange and purple together sounds rather like you’re rooting for a sports team! I don’t suppose it can be covered up with more dye?

    • beklet says:

      Ooh those are pretty….I may have to attempt something similar….
      The shop I liked in Leipzig was http://www.x-tra-x.de/ I bought the eyeball handbag 😀

      The style I like (but don’t have the figure for) is more this
      Wave-Gotik-Treffen @ Leipzig 2012
      As for the hair – it’s grim lol. I’m having it trimmed on Tuesday, and as I have to have it ‘normal’ for 2 months, I will probably put in one of those 24 wash colours in a darker shade….

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