Oops, look what fell into my bag…..

Posted: June 12, 2012 in Allotment, Diet bollocks, dressmaking, Fabric trauma, Fat bastard, Vanity
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Well actually you can’t, cos I’ve taken no pictures..BUT…

Perusing the local charity shop this afternoon, I find they have a bit of fabric in (they hide it amongst the bedlinen, curtains etc)….so today, for the grand total of £8.97, I managed to bag myself;

A scrap of really nice teal fabric. I say scrap, it’s 24″ x 70″ – I’ll probably get a small top out of it….it’s sort of crepey but has no stretch….

2 metres of slightly stretch black stuff with a stripe which is perfect for making a shirt or light dress for work. Not too drapey but comfy…would need lining if I made a skirt….

Almost 6(!!!) metres of burgundy suit/trouser fabric with a little stretch.  Debating whether to make Vogue 1265 out of this, seeing as I’ve ordered it and all.

Have just joined http://www.sewdirect.com – get the magazine for £30 a year, plus 2 free patterns, and every other pattern I buy is half price – saves waiting for the Vogue sale at the fabric shop 😀



So they are the patterns I bought, or rather, didn’t…….

I also got ‘goal’ trousers, which are just too tight to fasten up. My goal is to get into them (comfortably) by end of July.

If the rain holds off, I’m going to the allotment later.


Oh and in Debenhams earlier – Henry Holland top – I LOVE his tights but I need this top, yes I do, I don’t even care that it’s white….





  1. Hello! I believe you posted about this recently.


    Good start, but misses the point. The real danger lies in how the GM corn affects the inside of our intestines. (See below)


    Dow has developed a genetically modified corn called “Enlist,” which is resistant to 2,4-D.

    Controversy flares over “Agent Orange corn”
    By Sharyl Attkisson

  2. Nice spam you’re getting lately! I also like the ladybird top, and Vogue 1265 looks lovely — I’m afraid of Vogues, but I do like them on other people. I wonder if there’s a name for that…voguepatternsphobia? They just seem so particular, and like you have to use them ONCE and never again because the outfits are distinctive.

    The 5-6 meters of burgundy fabric is a real steal. That’s almost where I stop worrying about ruining things because I have SO MUCH….I can just cut into it and sew willy nilly!

    • beklet says:

      It is interesting spam…must delete it lol

      I like Vogue patterns because they result in less alterations – I am clearly ‘Vogue’ shaped 😀

      I have a blouse pattern I will make again, though some of he more recent efforts have been a bit ‘odd’

      That’s the plan…not sure what to make out of it yet, I’ve just started the Horror of Satin Pt 2…..eek

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