Not about sewing. OK, maybe a little bit.

Posted: July 6, 2012 in Allotment, Fabric trauma, fail, jalopy corner, paleo paleo, Polenastics, rantage, Training, Vanity, What the fuck am I thinking?, Work

Been to gym a couple of times this week, and also to pole. Also drilled a few holes into some plate steel which will shortly be welded to my car. I’ve also bought some things…

Lady at pole introduced me to this amazing grip paste – bought some, it arrived today, but I won’t be back at pole for a couple of weeks to try it – argh! It may prove useful for weightlifting though, as there’s a chalk ban at the gym 😀

Bought The Primal Blueprint, finally. I read the website most days (Mark’s Daily Apple, see blogroll), but is noce to have the book. Today, I also bought a bike. The main reason for this is that Bob is worried about me walking to and from the railway station at stupid o’clock, so I shall cycle instead. Slightly over budget but it’s matt black and neon green…..

As for the allotment – I have weedkiller and black sheeting, only now, after a month’s rain in one day has the sun come out. Grrr. If it’s OK tomorrow, will sort the sheeting before I go pick up my not shiny new bike…

Have to buy new trousers for work, as I have to wear uniform next week. I own black trousers, but FFS WHY are they not made with pockets?? Grrrr!!! I could make my own though I have neither the time nor the patience to try to make some this weekend…so I shall have to purchase a pair. Easier said than done. New Look had £9.99 trousers, with pockets, in shortarse 28″ leg (so I can wear flat shoes – crucial if standing around all day), so I tried some on. Nah. Baggy around the front, plus cameltoe – how the hell did that happen? Also so low that there’s no point wearing a belt as it would be hip level anyway. And the pockets are about an inch deep. Useful. And they were some of the better ones I tried. Tomorrow I may trawl the charity shops, as there’s very little in town that will do the job (not without spending silly money anyway)

I could wear a skirt but then I’d have to wear tights – in a hot, crowded hypoxic airport? No thanks….

  1. Andi says:

    Oh dear, I hope your pants search is successful! I have an “old-fashioned” figure so sometimes have better luck in the thrift shops than in the regular stores.

    We have gyms here but no “pole” — unless you mean pole dancing? I always thought that sounded like fun, but I’m so uncoordinated, I’m positive I’d land on my head!

    The Primal Blueprint looks interesting; it’s similar to the diet the Hubs and I do, but we’re probably more relaxed about it. Mostly, just avoiding anything over processed or prepackaged.

  2. beklet says:

    I found some – in the local supermarket, no less! I am between sizes though, so a 14 will barely fit round my waist, and a 16 is big all over. Grrr. Think that equates to a US 10 and 12…..
    Pole dancing is exactly it, though the studio calls it Polenastics – I certainly don’t do any dancing, I have no grace, but it’s excellent for upper body strength 😀

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