Still creating

Posted: December 5, 2012 in dressmaking, Fabric trauma, knitting

I’m still here. Since the loud blue dress, I’ve made very little – a yellow netty petty to wear under it, and a grey and black jersey dress that while not a total abortion, isn’t 100%. It is wearable though, as a sort of casual layer thing with leggings.

I also started Taekwondo, so had the joy of taking up the trousers and stitching a tear in the pants of Bob’s old pair…..

Las week I tidies the sewing room and I have the creative bug again – in fact I really want to sew a winter coat before…er…spring. Have found fabric and just need to buy it, and find time!!

Also attempting to knit a cardi..not got far with that yet.

To ease myself in gently, I’ll be replacing that infernal zip on the skull dress. I hate that zip!!!

  1. Go the mojo return! I hope you found some interesting things when tidying up your sewing space! Maybe I should sort out mine too ….

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