I finished a thing!

Posted: December 7, 2012 in dressmaking, Fabric trauma, Vanity
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Yes, yes I did. The skull dress, which I made and messed up and killed the invisible zip..then added another only for it to look wrong.

Well this afternoon I actually HAND SEWED a zip into the dress. All I can say is that compared to wresting an invisible zip foot, or even a normal zip foot, it is a piece of piss. That is a technical term, by th way. Not perfect, of course not but a hundred times better. Yeah, it was time consuming, but I bet it still took less time than unpicking 2 14″ zips 😀

Top pic is side view showing the zip…then the actual dress, and bottom is a cheeky bit of lace trim I got from the market for 40p that I thought would look nice on the bottom of the skirt – it’s quite plain lace but the dress is loud enough! I may wear it tomorrow with some fleecy leggings  (it’s sub-zero here)

65998_10151184542174200_438750162_n 228199_10151184539214200_583985639_n 481756_10151184543959200_598916043_n

  1. Wow how cool is that. A dress with a hand stitched zip. Please do post pics of you wearing it please please. I like it lots :o)

  2. beklet says:

    Ha ha cheers – will do next time I wear it – have my sewing mojo back now, though I’m not nearly at the standard of any of the people I read about 😀

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