This appears to be sideways. Hm. Anyhow, I mad this out of some mystery fabric I bought at Peterborough market. I initially made the long sleeved version, but it looked too frumpy, so I cut the sleeves down a bit. Had to topstitch the neckline due to weird lining not lying flat issues. I have neck issues πŸ˜€

The pic looks weird but it actually sits on my waist, instead of an inch above it – this may be down to me forgetting this when cutting out the pattern, but making the seam allowance a bit smaller so it sits right…


Oh, and I got the zip looking reasonably pretty


And from the outside – first time!


Couple of days ago, I also decided to make this…I hate restrictive clothes and thought that as I have a wide back and big boobs, this would be perfect.


More mystery fabric from the market here, slight stretch and lots of drape, but mainly much cheapness if it goes tits up….


Here’s the (sideways) line drawing.


Now, imagine the top of the sleeve near the shoulder…and having to cut at an angle of 45 degrees to make the armhole wider – yep. Make clothes for ‘fuller figured’ women, and forget they also have fuller arms – my arms were dragging the whole thing down which was very uncomfortable! Chopped a lump out and it fits much better. I like the shaping at the waist, as much as I bitched about all the darts!! πŸ˜€


This was where I had Buttonhole Trauma. The first was so bad I sewed a button over it. After looking for answers online, it seems I needed to set the stitch length a bit longer – the resulting buttonholes were …ok. 6 were good, 2 were iffy. I know it says 7 buttons on the pattern but I used teeny buttons, and yes the spacing is dodgy – it’s a design feature *whistles*


The neck facing was so awful and bulky I chopped it out and used twill tape instead. Remind me to NEVER do a neck facing again, unless it’s stitched to a lining. The one on my nice purple leopardprint dress has shredded in the wash and looks dreadful…have to keep poking it back into the neck grrrr


Now..what to make with my new stuff?

  1. Brenda Laino says:

    Totally love the blouse!!!!

    • beklet says:

      Yep..will make again, in a different fabric…and NO NECK FACING god I hate neck facings……I have a shirt to make first though..and a dress..and and and… πŸ˜€

  2. prttynpnk says:

    I love that blouse shape- do another, do another!

  3. here here on the button hole trauma and I’d be a support group attendee. One of the reasons I haven’t yet made a button down top is that is has, umm, lots of buttonholes. I even have a pattern mostly traced out, fabric bought and everything …..

    Like the dress and the top and agree you should make more! You said the dress is too restrictive – I’m guessing it got donated? Oh and the zip looks fab.

    • beklet says:

      Ah no the dress hasn’t been donated…still debating whether it likes me or not – I made it because I hate really restrictive stuff, but I want to wear stuff with shape…I have a broad back and large chest so most stuff is so tight on the shoulders and back I daren’t move!!!
      Even on the dress, despite being a 16, the sleeves are a 20 to accommodate my less than pipecleanerish arms πŸ˜€

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