I want the pretty

Posted: January 8, 2013 in dressmaking, Fabric trauma, Uncategorized, Vanity
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I bought a pattern..the infamous ‘easy trousers’ pattern. I don’t normally ‘do’ Simplicity patterns, but this one caught my eye. Not sure why becayse mustard yellow and brown don’t really do it for me but I just wanted to make some trousers….

Then I decided I liked the skirt…and the jacket.

As it happens, I have some suiting type fabric I bought from a charity shop for £4. After measuing it, I have 6 metres, so I can make all 3!! Yay!!! The colour isn’t quite ‘me’, being a russetty burgundy type thing…


Not that this pic helps in any way… 😀 Was going to start cutting out today but I’m having a clumsy day so will leave it awhile o_O


Meanwhile, lookie what arrived in the post yesterday! My birthday pressie to myself.  I need to make some more fitted clothes that also work as daywear, so I don’t go to work wearing the same crappy t shirts and knackered skirts….there was a resolution in there somewhere….


I particularly like this (and I’d like it more if I could remember how to rotate the picture, yes I would, but I posted the pic from my phone…), though I would like it in a different shade of green, something a little brighter, perhaps


I also like this, for reasons that escape me. I look DIRE in stuff that fastens to the side, but I want this in a dark red or bottle green. Hmmm. We shall see.


  1. Wow you’re heading into some big projects! Can’t wait to see how you get on.

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