No sewing but tidying

Posted: January 13, 2013 in Not a rant
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Aye….was all set to do some sewing but I spent most of yesterday trying to sort the bedroom, and most of today in IKEA.

I have now sorted my clothes, and my underwear is all in little boxes, easy to find. Pants and socks had their own boxes but now I have work tights, fun tights, stockings, suspender belts and bras all in their own little boxes….

I also bought some weird hangy things from IKEA for 50p – supposed to be Christmas things for hanging baubles, but PERFECT for jewellery


They’re bigger than they look – around a foot high and 2 feet wide – big enough for my bracelets and some of my necklaces 😀

We got one of the Expedit bookcases – a 4×4 one in the now the sports bags are tidy, as are my knitting things 😀

I see why people get addicted to this stuff!!!

I also managed NOT to buy some ridiculous fabric at £1 a metre. What would I do with a white and veg print dress anyway….

Hoping to make a start on some sewing goodness as soon as the bedroom is fully sorted…..


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