That Sewing Resolution Shiz…..

Posted: January 19, 2013 in Uncategorized

Which is a bit late in the day, being 3 weeks into the new year, but that’s just an arbitrary date made into the year end by a bunch of religious people, right?

Last night, we went to the pub and I decided I wanted to wear a me-made.

First up, the grey dress, shown a couple of posts down. No. Just…no. Apart from the gapey neck/shoulder business (I pressed and clipped the SHIT out of those seams!!), it’s a little baggy at the sides above the waist, and noticeably so….that, I could live with but on moving my arms around, the front rides up and bags – it just looks 4 sizes too big in the front…not sure what to do about it, tbh – I could lower the neckline a lot, but then it will no doubt gape. Urgh.

Then the black drapey sleeved top. No. It’s not that bad, tbh but the shoulder seam keeps slipping forwards and if I put it in the right place, the neckline is too high and strangles me. I do like the shape though, so may tinker with the neck a little, when I can be bothered…

Ended up wearing the purple dress with wonky hem with a long skirt (it’s somewhat cold and snowy here atm), though I have to keep poking the neck facings in I HATE NECK FACINGS!! Did I mention that? I probably did…. 😀

So the resolution is to MAKE THINGS PROPERLY. I’m not rich enough to be able to waste loads of fabric. Even if it’s just more fittings and measuring…

In good news, a friend is clearing her loft and has a load of elastic, zips etc and maybe some fabric for me….she’s also quite good at this sewing lark so I might get some tips too..

  1. Fitting stuff is something I am learning and it makes such a difference to wear a garment that you’ve worked on and learned how to fit. Aside from wasting fabric too, of course.

    If you haven’t already, check out the library and the internet for fitting tute and books. There are some fantastic resources on blogs and books that are very readily available. I did that first, reading book reviews and so on before buying a couple of books one of which I use all the time.

  2. PS oh and do post pictures of things that don’t fit because then we can all learn with you via the comments from more experienced sewers suggesting ways to fix the fit.

  3. beklet says:

    Ah thanks…will do if I get chance…still learning lol I just get very frustrated – think I’m a weird shape lol!!

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