Vintage goodness

Posted: January 19, 2013 in dressmaking




I managed to score myself some proper vintage patterns lately – the ones on the left and right came from a local charity shop, the middle one came from the local vintage shop – Rose Tinted Vintage

REALLY want to make view B of the one on the right – with the pointy skirt thing going on..was a little perturbed to read the instructions to find it’s cut on the bias – erk! Bias cut stuff ALWAYS makes me look lumpy 😦

That pattern isn’t printed either, and is ready cut but the others ARE printed…and have ‘turnings’ instead of seam allowances – how cool! Also notable that the unprinted pattern has no yardage (for this is pre decimalisation kiddies :D) for any fabric wider than 36″….

It has occurred to me I took a pic of a neck facing. That particular one will NOT be going in the dress 😀

As for the blouse in the middle, how exactly do you fasten up a blouse that buttons up the back? I have the world’s shortest arms…..


  1. Ooh lovely lovely patterns….. can’t wait to see what you decide to make ….. oh and perhaps a zipper in place of buttons??!

  2. beklet says:

    The buttons are so pretty though…and I need to conquer The Fear of buttonholes!

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