Portrait in WTF? aka ‘That didn’t work….’

Posted: January 27, 2013 in dressmaking, Fabric trauma, fail, Fat bastard, Fuckwittery, minor rant, What the fuck am I thinking?
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Been a bit ill over the weekend. Nowt serious, just an upset stomach, so yesterday, decided to attempt to do something simple to take my mind off it.

Bearing in mind I have very few tops, apart from t-shirts, thought I’d have a bash at the Portrait Blouse from Gertie’s book…

Looks simple enough – two pieces (I am NOT doing a neck facing, see previous posts) and I have a few ‘bits’ of fabric in my stash. Chose a drapeyish green that I found in a charity shop…was a metre and a half of 30″ wide so more than enough….

First, I looked at the sizing, picked an appropriate size, in this case, an 8, as I have a 38″ top bust measurement (39″ full) and 42″ hips (my waist is slightly larger but can be remedied). I also heeded previous reviews and cut it a little longer than the patter required…

Now, these measurements appear to correspond to a Big 4 size 16, which I normally cut. Couldn’t find actual garment measurement anywhere so measured the pattern pieces..all looked fine. I was also waaay too lazy to rethread the overlocker, so decided on French seams, just for my own amusement…

Soooo how did that work out for me?


See pics below on my lumpy chickenwire dummy. It’s pretty much my size so….

Firstly, it was a bit tight. Tight around the bust, very tight around the back, and also very tight on the hips, but OK on the waist (??? given my waist is a hefty 33″ does not compute)

The sleeves are also too tight..I have beefy arms.

And WTF is that baggy bit below the bust?


No, I didn’t get round to hemming it – it is now officially a toile….

And the back – HOW MUCH is that pulling on my back?

And yes, I have a sticky out arse…


Notes for next time…..

Make pattern pieces an inch bigger either side (or reduce the tucks), drop the armhole bottom by about an inch….

Otherwise, it’s quite nice. Grrrr hate it when that happens…..

No time to do another one today, but if I get chance, next effort will be overlocked….

  1. Oh dear – I wish I knew more about bodices but I’m new to fitting those too. Please do post the next one and what you did?

  2. beklet says:

    Ah I will..spotted a review here http://sewing.patternreview.com/review/pattern/82768 and will be trying shirring…I hate blouse zips too lol!

    Have cut out and overlocked the pieces so far…

  3. Brenda Laino says:

    I kinda like the baggy bit at the front, it’s symmetrical.

    • beklet says:

      Yeah but it looks a bit wrong lol…my sewing isn’t a winner for me atm…think it’s down to being a weird shape….or having bigger shoulders and arms than expected..I can’t walk around in halternecks all the time!

  4. Brenda Laino says:

    I think your sewing is really coming along, without the fails you won’t arrive at being good. This is a very pretty blouse.
    It’s taken me 18 years to find the right shape dress for my figure. I think I’m the one with the sewing fail!

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