Mean Green WTF Machine…..

Posted: January 28, 2013 in dressmaking, Fabric trauma, fail, rantage, Vanity, What the fuck am I thinking?
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Okay. for the three people in the world who expressed an interest…. I just got Bob to take pics of the offending articles….oh and believe me when I say I am not nearly as shapeless as the pics make out…..honest!

Exhibit 1 – Portrait Mk1 – nice colour, nice fabric, dreadful fit. Looks fine till I attempt to move my arms, chest too tight, hips too tight….think I would need to cut it a size or two bigger and bring those tucks up higher…also bear in mind I lengthened this by a good 3 inches….


And the back…yes I weight train lol – NOW do you see my problem?? 😀


Exhibit 2 – Portrait Mk2 – made with the most evil fraying loose weaved fabric in the world, but perfect for an experiment (until I got a lump glued to my iron GRRRRR this shit cannot be pressed)

Added almost an inch per side, extended the shoulders slightly but made armhole bigger, shirred 4 rows at the narrowest part, the bit I ASSUMED would be the waistline. Er, no. To be fair, this version is infinitely more wearable, and I will probably wear it, it’s comfortable, only a little tight when I pull my shoulders and arms forward but the elasticated bit? Believe me when I say it is almost 2″ above my waist. And I’m short, and a bit shortwaisted….

Oh, and I haven’t done the neckline yet, was checking to see if it fit first. And yes, I hemmed the sleeves flat. Life is too short to hem them when the side seams are sewn up!


It nips in – honest!!

And the beefy back shot…and no the back hem isn’t straight…


In good news, I found my draft bodice block earlier – seems at some point I made one – now just need to trace it and try to make something sensible out of it. I’m quite into princess seam..and I have a pattern with them that fits a treat (apart from the waist being a little too high lol)

  1. Brenda Laino says:

    That is awfully tight! How did you choose the pattern size? It seems to me you need to measure your bust and go by that. I think you did show us a picture of the pattern a while back but in the drawing it looked loose and flowing.

    And you don’t look shapeless.

    • beklet says:

      I chose it based on the high bust….on the pattern is 38, mine is 38 full bust 39 – the sizing also corresponds with the size I cut for Vogue, Butterick etc….AND I measured the pattern pieces!!

      As my next post shows, hopefully I’ll get it right this time!!

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