Epically bad photos…..

Posted: January 30, 2013 in Fabric trauma, minor rant, Uncategorized

Bob took a couple of pics of my calico toile from my boduce block. No.1 – the front.  I look pregnant, how lovely…not. seems to be a little baggy above the boobs and just under them too, though not as noticeable underneath. If I make a top from this pattern, I’d have a lower neckline anyway….any ideas how to fix?


No. 2 – side shot – fits round arms, doesn’t ride up massively, seems OK


No. 3 – the back. WTF? That’s a LOT of extra material – a sway back and sudden narrowing of my back means there’s a lot of extra fabric – I’m thinking I will just need to narrow the centre back piece for this, am I right?



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