Third Time Lucky!!!!

Posted: February 3, 2013 in dressmaking, Fabric trauma, Not a rant, Vanity, What the fuck am I thinking?
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There’s some good news on the blog…in fact, quite a bit..hurrah!!!

Meanwhile – see below. I dunno why I was so taken with this, but it was in the remnants bin at John Lewis, and there was just 1 metre of 44″ fabric….perfect for taming my nemesis, the Portrait Blouse, so I thought. Portrait here fyi


Meanwhile, I bought a New Look pattern last week, one that looked easy, minimum shaping etc as a way of getting some confidence back? Bob told me frilly + flowers = Frumpy. Pfft, well I like it, even if the fabric melted on my iron, and I spilled sauce down it. It’s even long enough that I dare go out in skinny jeans 😀 (Yes I look stoned, no I’m not but it’s the only pic that doesn’t have the cat’s litter trays in)


Meanwhile, at the weekend I also went for a stint of ‘Let’s make shit up’ which always used to be my preferred method of sewing. Cue 2 out of the 5 metres of cheap red jersey I have, a 6 gore skirt with drapey bits on…hem STILL to long but cba to do anything about it right now….it will wait. Yes that is an elastic waist, no  can’t be bothered to case it, it’ll be hidden anyway…


So..back to the Portrait blouse….cut the pattern out, with an extra 1/2″ at each side seam and lowered bottom of armhole by 1/2″ too. Also added 1/2″ to the 2″ I already lengthened it by..then..DISASTER!!! The back wouldn’t fit on the rest of the fabric – solved by cutting two pieces and seaming them together. It also meant I could add half an inch each side of the back so I could accommodate my back fat lats. As I also only had enough fabric to make the back in the original length, I added a ‘peplum’ of sorts….and of course it has a bias binding neck facing.

After trying it on (and playing with my new concealed zipper foot – oh the expense!!!) I also lengthened the front and back darts by an inch or so, and took a little more in at the centre back seam just above the waist (I have a serious swayback, people!) Still a little baggy around the waist, but much better, and a decent fit…see? (And yes, a sports bra does not show it to its best advantage!!)

And yes the floor needs hoovering – I’ve been busy, dammit!!!


It is straight, honest!!


Oh, and John Lewis still had some sale fabric left. Silver blurry abstract flowers, it says. Looks like leopardprint to me!!! Either way it is excellent but I have no idea what to make, except it should be a dress. I got 2 metres….


  1. Brenda Laino says:

    Becks! Wow!

    First of all you don’t look stoned LOL

    Secondly Bob doesn’t sew so he doesn’t know what he’s saying LOL

    There is no thirdly LOL

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