Sewing mojo back…

Posted: February 9, 2013 in dressmaking, Not a rant, Vanity
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After a semi disastrous fortnight in which nothing fit and I started thinking I was going mad….

I just fancied making something a little more…..*me*

i.e. a bit gothy and comfy but a bit…odd.

Was going to make the vintage pattern I posted up the other week with the pointy skirt bit – the pink one on the right.


I wanted it to be proper comfy, wasn’t going to be arsed cutting on the bias or any of that faff…found some black t-shirt type fabric, cut out the back and front, and instead of the pointy bits, thought I’d add some random red and black stripes in varying widths for interest….the red is some of the jersey left from the skirt I made last week..neckline was too tight so slashed it and overlocked the neckline, added a very plain lace trim to the sleeves and topstitched where the stripes meet the bottom of the skirt because that jersey is HEAVY. (and it looks nice)

Verdict – it ROCKS. Bob loves it, and it’s quite loose fitting but with a wide belt my waist looks teeny 😀

It’s also knee length so a perfect goth summer dress… 🙂 and can be worn with leggings/long skirt in winter…yay!!!

Front, with belt





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