I made a thing. And it worked!

Posted: August 10, 2014 in Uncategorized

I have been a little rubbish of late. I have made many things, of which most are an utter fail. Most are an utter fail. The NYE dress was OK, the trousers Mk2 weren’t bad, the baby blanket I made someone for Christmas and my first foray into quilting wasn’t awful (all pics on my old phone gah), neither was the Mother’s Day cushion for Bob’s mum….

However any top I have tried to make EVER has been a total disaster. Recently I even cocked up a Truffle dress due to poor fabric choice.

This week though, I went to borrow my friend’s cutting table and made up a trouser block for Bob, and have spent this weekend making them. And they FIT! Not only that, I only partly unpicked the fly once, and the jetted pockets worked FIRST TIME, no traumas. Shocking. Clearly I can make stuff for others but not me. Boo hiss, but so happy something worked. I believe tailoring is more my thing, at least for trousers (my trousers also worked from my own block, the issues come with my shoddy workmanship)

So…some pics. In no particular order. My friend taught me to crochet…

crochet blanket

Here’s said baby quilt, with the baby in it

baby quilt

Back of the mothers day cushion

cushion 2

Front…(literary theme, she’s an English teacher, and the colours go with the decor)

mothers day cushion

This is the flappy jetted pocket on Bob’s trousers…awesome, no?

pocket bob

And the practice I did on a scrap – lopsided but not bad

practice jet

My first cushion – the stars glow in the dark

space cushion

This is from my trousers Mk2 – an actual almost invisible hem 😀

trouser hem


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