Not going to plan

Posted: June 14, 2015 in Uncategorized

Of course,  nothing goes to plan. Ever. Take today… Plan was to cut out a simple wrap dress. That was not allowed.

I’ll back up a bit.  Sewing has been lacking for a while.  Mostly because i haven’t unpacked that room yet.  And that’s because it needs rewiring before i decorate.. And because i have no bookcases.  Oh, and because sewing is the new ‘thing’,  the interweb is full of utter bollocks. Seriously,  if i see another newbie sewist decide to become a ‘pattern designer’ and release  a ripoff and overly simplistic ‘vintage inspired’  pattern,  i might actually scream. I’ve made some of these patterns and they  are ok for what they are but there is no development,  they all seem geared to beginners.  Now I’m no expert,  but I want more interesting now and then.

Last year,  while in Leipzig,  i was perusing the patterns in the fabric shop.  Sadly they didn’t have the one i liked and they don’t ship to the UK.  This year that still didn’t have it but my friend contacted them and they agreed to ship  her order to the UK….
I took a fancy to said pattern and she told me i was making it.  Out of the RIDICULOUS fabric she made me buy in Deutschland.
This ridiculous Jersey.


Very me 😀

The dress is asymmetrical and every piece is different,  the instructions of course are in German but it actually looks very simple to construct



So i traced the pattern in my size (44), and cut it out before pinning it to the dummy




Have now got to the stage of pinning pattern pieces to the fabric ready for cutting out


Oh,  and I’ve not forgotten about the jacket,  i just couldn’t find the pattern earlier…


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