This week’s challenge

Posted: March 18, 2018 in Uncategorized

20180318_21061120180318_210308Today, I sorted and boxed my makeup, as we’re decorating the dressing room. As I still want to cover my face in slap, I went and picked up the stuff I’m to wear this week. But I didn’t make it easy. Main criteria are that I pick things that are unloved or unused, things I need to test out, and stuff I need to use up. So for foundations, I have a new one I trying, and an old one that’s too light, but I’m testing darkening drops with it.

For powder, one’s new, one has fallen out of favour and one needs using up.

Concealer I have a new one to test and an old one to use up

Primer   I have to test as I’m not really a fan

Bronzer is a freebie I’ve not tried

Blusher it’s one that’s fallen out of favour

Lipsticks are ones I never use, colour or finish, including my nemesis, matte nudes…. And mauve, which I never go for anymore…

Coloured eyeliners are ones I don’t use, black mascara is a greater i need rid of, coloured one is new and to be tested

And eyeshadow… Couple of cream ones I never use and two palettes… One in an Avon lucky bag… Like the colours, have no idea with them, and a palette I bought but haven’t used much if at all. Aim is too use every item at least once, including every eyeshadow and lip colour. Er.

And now I realise there is not a single matte eyeshadow in the UD  palette



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