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I forget where I was with the ranting last week but I thought ‘sod it’ and went for Truffle Mk2 with some cheapo polka dot polycotton. Thing about polycotton – it BEHAVES!!!

This time – I cut standard pattern. Only alteration was half an inch at the hips on each back piece, and half an inch on the length to accommodate my squat butt. I also ignored the construction instructions and left the back seam till last. I got Bob to pin the back together and draw a line where it fit. Basically I took a small 1/2″ wedge out of the top of the centre back seam on either side. And I tried it on once the zip was done…fit pretty well, apart from a bit of baggy back. This was sorted by taking a small wedge out of the shoulders (I have sloping shoulders too)

And it was good. It fit, really quite well. Pleased with myself, I finished the neckline and hemmed the dress, adding a little lace trim. Came the evening, I showed it to Bob..WTF?

The arse rides up, there is still some bagging in the back, but if I pull my arms forward it’s tight so can’t take it in – AAARRGHHHH!!!!

I did wear it Friday night, I think it looked OK and was definitely wearable but just a little annoyed….will put a pic up at some point..

THis evening, I thought I’d redo the pinstripe fishtail skirt I cocked up last week. Cut the sides out, reinserted the zip, did all the gathering again, and it fit really well….(apart from a dodgy bit near the zip_…decided to press the seams, and side seams…and my iron melted the fabric!!! See mess below.



It didn’t do that last week, and the iron was on the same setting!! Double AAARRGHHHH!!!!

I did get some comedy patterns last week from the Oxfam shop for 29p each though. I was somewhat taken with this, for some reason 😀


In non sewing related stuff, I have some pictures of soil. I got to the allotment today, and planted some garlic, shallots and onions. In this darker bit of soil.


I also dug this bit of soil, into which I will put pea plants.


This is how it looked a fortnight ago, before I dug any soil



Been a bit ill over the weekend. Nowt serious, just an upset stomach, so yesterday, decided to attempt to do something simple to take my mind off it.

Bearing in mind I have very few tops, apart from t-shirts, thought I’d have a bash at the Portrait Blouse from Gertie’s book…

Looks simple enough – two pieces (I am NOT doing a neck facing, see previous posts) and I have a few ‘bits’ of fabric in my stash. Chose a drapeyish green that I found in a charity shop…was a metre and a half of 30″ wide so more than enough….

First, I looked at the sizing, picked an appropriate size, in this case, an 8, as I have a 38″ top bust measurement (39″ full) and 42″ hips (my waist is slightly larger but can be remedied). I also heeded previous reviews and cut it a little longer than the patter required…

Now, these measurements appear to correspond to a Big 4 size 16, which I normally cut. Couldn’t find actual garment measurement anywhere so measured the pattern pieces..all looked fine. I was also waaay too lazy to rethread the overlocker, so decided on French seams, just for my own amusement…

Soooo how did that work out for me?


See pics below on my lumpy chickenwire dummy. It’s pretty much my size so….

Firstly, it was a bit tight. Tight around the bust, very tight around the back, and also very tight on the hips, but OK on the waist (??? given my waist is a hefty 33″ does not compute)

The sleeves are also too tight..I have beefy arms.

And WTF is that baggy bit below the bust?


No, I didn’t get round to hemming it – it is now officially a toile….

And the back – HOW MUCH is that pulling on my back?

And yes, I have a sticky out arse…


Notes for next time…..

Make pattern pieces an inch bigger either side (or reduce the tucks), drop the armhole bottom by about an inch….

Otherwise, it’s quite nice. Grrrr hate it when that happens…..

No time to do another one today, but if I get chance, next effort will be overlocked….


I bought a pattern..the infamous ‘easy trousers’ pattern. I don’t normally ‘do’ Simplicity patterns, but this one caught my eye. Not sure why becayse mustard yellow and brown don’t really do it for me but I just wanted to make some trousers….

Then I decided I liked the skirt…and the jacket.

As it happens, I have some suiting type fabric I bought from a charity shop for £4. After measuing it, I have 6 metres, so I can make all 3!! Yay!!! The colour isn’t quite ‘me’, being a russetty burgundy type thing…


Not that this pic helps in any way… 😀 Was going to start cutting out today but I’m having a clumsy day so will leave it awhile o_O


Meanwhile, lookie what arrived in the post yesterday! My birthday pressie to myself.  I need to make some more fitted clothes that also work as daywear, so I don’t go to work wearing the same crappy t shirts and knackered skirts….there was a resolution in there somewhere….


I particularly like this (and I’d like it more if I could remember how to rotate the picture, yes I would, but I posted the pic from my phone…), though I would like it in a different shade of green, something a little brighter, perhaps


I also like this, for reasons that escape me. I look DIRE in stuff that fastens to the side, but I want this in a dark red or bottle green. Hmmm. We shall see.


Well actually you can’t, cos I’ve taken no pictures..BUT…

Perusing the local charity shop this afternoon, I find they have a bit of fabric in (they hide it amongst the bedlinen, curtains etc)….so today, for the grand total of £8.97, I managed to bag myself;

A scrap of really nice teal fabric. I say scrap, it’s 24″ x 70″ – I’ll probably get a small top out of it….it’s sort of crepey but has no stretch….

2 metres of slightly stretch black stuff with a stripe which is perfect for making a shirt or light dress for work. Not too drapey but comfy…would need lining if I made a skirt….

Almost 6(!!!) metres of burgundy suit/trouser fabric with a little stretch.  Debating whether to make Vogue 1265 out of this, seeing as I’ve ordered it and all.

Have just joined – get the magazine for £30 a year, plus 2 free patterns, and every other pattern I buy is half price – saves waiting for the Vogue sale at the fabric shop 😀

So they are the patterns I bought, or rather, didn’t…….

I also got ‘goal’ trousers, which are just too tight to fasten up. My goal is to get into them (comfortably) by end of July.

If the rain holds off, I’m going to the allotment later.


Oh and in Debenhams earlier – Henry Holland top – I LOVE his tights but I need this top, yes I do, I don’t even care that it’s white….




Well, I’m still here. Been a bit slack of late because I’ve been too caught up in my other project – Operation Kickarse!

I have given myself 13 weeks to remove my excess flab and get myself fit again! It’s all in another blog, but I’m only on week 1, and tough times are coming up…. 😀

So, to MMM ’12. This was really hard. It became apparent that I’m not overly happy about the clothes I have made and think few of them are fit to be worn. The last week was even harder as the weather was so hot, I just wore shorts and a vest for most of it…I did wear the black Taffy one day but didn’t get a pic. I didn’t get to wear the black and pink PVC skirt because I’m just not doing that in 28C heat!

So, a few piccies;

The bed was enormous!

Double decker trains! (If only First Crapital Connect had these!)

Some cool decoration on this building, near where we stayed

Me-made ladybird corset, after tightening to give myself a waist lol!

And from the front

Me-made Space Dress (I did adjust the belt after this was taken) The hair is also me-made lol!

Oh, and the netty petty underneath is me-made too!

Oh and this amused me in the bagel shop;


Obviously I was aware something was wrong in my dressmaking, then I went to Leipzig. I got a LOT of inspiration, and ideas for things to make and the sort of styles I liked. Consequently, I came home and made myself a stretch jersey minidress which I may take pics of later 😀

It seems as much as I like pretty dresses etc, I’m rarely going to wear them, and what I need is loads of bits I can mix and match, mainly black, grey and red. Eek. That’s not to say I’m not still going to make cute retro dresses, but now I have lists of other things to make, some for fun, some not.

I need work trousers. With pockets. Urgh, so tempted just to trawl the charity shops.

I want some just above knee length culottes. I like little flared skirts but I have chubby legs and they chafe in summer. Culottes is best of both worlds….

A shruggy bolero thing in stretch fabric (lace, most likely)

A number of long tops. I’ve made two already, by drawing round one I bought at Leipzig and overlocking it – seemed to work well – one thing the Germans can do is goth summerwear 🙂

Right…tonight I’m off roller skating with friends, and yes I am taking knee pads, even if they make me look a dick.

Well. After yesterday’s trauma, I have left the waistcoat as is. I need to do the button and buttonhole, but that can wait. Here is the offending pattern…

I have made the trousers before, and they were massive on the waist. Now, I am dead on halfway between an 18 and a 20, most of the time, though I usually end up cutting an 18, otherwise everything is huge on the shoulders, but this is silly. 6.5″ ease on the bust? The finished article is massive, you think I’m kidding? Yes, it looks big on the dummy, because the dummy is a max. size 12 (I was, once) but Bob tried it on, and aside from being a little short, it fit him perfectly! I may get a pic up for a laugh…if it didn’t have the frilly bit on the bottom, he’d have it as a waistcoat 😀

In other news, I finally redid the catch stitching on the Meringue, as it was too loose and kept catching my knee….I also went to the charity shop earlier and found my favourite brand of shirt, in my size, similar pattern but pink and white – a nice smart look for work, methinks!  Also found a stripey shirt, same brand, a size too small…so I thought. Turns out the smaller size fits me PERFECTLY everywhere except my boobs – but leaving the button open and wearing a vest under it looks pretty cool (in my opinion) so it’s a win all round. Pics will be forthcoming when I get to wear the combo (tomorrow I am playing cars so it won’t be then….)

I must stay off Ebay…..I have just bought a job lot of zips….the idea of buying one zip for over £2 is galling, same with a pack of 5 buttons for same….I’m tempted by a bag of random buttons for £1.99….

This weekend I shall mostly be making a dress for Bob’s sister’s wedding, which is the following weekend. This is assuming I don’t cock it up like I did the turquoise one (which may well now be for the August or September wedding)

Pattern is an Amazing Fit pattern – I got it for two reasons – it has separate pieces for different cup sizes – woohoo!!! (saying this, according to my measurements, I’m barely a C cup in this pattern, when in reality I’m an E….Okayyyyy…only 3 cups different lol – I can only assume this is going by the old school way of measuring bra size where I am indeed a C cup)

The other reason is…POCKETS!!!! Why do clothing manufacturers not put pockets in women’s clothes? Even jacket pockets are fake!!!

I’ll be making view C, the sweetheart neckline and short sleeves

And the fabric I’ll be making it out of is quite a loud animal print and flower viscose…..sounds vile but I actually really like it, and it’s drapey and flowy so I’ll get a swishy skirt…the lady in the shop said I’ll have to iron it while it’s damp…iron? IRON???


Let’s hope it all goes well……

Meanwhile, I have been eating a bit better today, and feel less bleh. Long weekend coming up, I need a recipe for hot cross buns with einkorn flour lol…..

Can’t wait for my book to arrive, all those lovely recipes! My collar bacon has been delayed, as it’s still curing – looking forward to going to the farm shop to buy loads of noms…..