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Firstly, the Week 1 Me-Made-May 12 roundup. It’s quite underwhelming as it’s a weekend where I had to do crappy stuff so no opportunity to dress up at all, and Bob can’t take good pics on my phone but meh. I managed 3 items (just) but I’m going to have to do a whole lot better next week!!!

The beginning of the week was a write off as I was ill and bleurgh. Friday, I wore my chilli skirt to work, tastefully teamed with leggings and para boots, and a scruffy t-shirt – I did get a couple of compliments on the skirt though – it’s a basic circle skirt. Wearing observations? I made the waist a little tight and it digs in after a few hours….an inch or so off my belly should sort that…. πŸ˜€

Next up was the purple dress I made for the wedding, teamed with a long purple skirt (it was windy out, and my leggies were cold) – it was pretty comfortable, tbh, and had stood up well to my brutal washing machine…

Yes, my hair looks crap….

Next up was yesterday, where I wore my baggies – dead comfy but the zip didn’t want to stay up!!! This may be down to my belly more than anything – it is somewhat protruding. Note – these are not the best fit, being New Look Miles of Ease trousers, but they’re ok for bimbling round the house etc…

So that’s week 1. I’ll try harder next week, I promise!!!

Now, back to yesterday’s disaster of a Taffy. I got both of them and measured them. Measurements were pretty much the same, so I cut off the binding etc from the smaller neckline and restitched. It is a better fit now. Still slightly tight but not digging in and restrictive so I’m much happier, and it’s definitely more wearable.

The finished, less tight item

Me taking a pic, in which you can see the rolled sleeve hems

Hanging around with a friend

I made another epic meatloaf

Or not, the link appears to be broken, WTF?

I went to sort dome crap in the attic today, as Bob’s boarded the floor….OMG. I found some items I’d made at least 7 years ago…some from patterns, one self drafted. What’s galling is that I was better at inserting zips then……. o_O

Made from some off textured, slightly glittery fabric – I can get it on, but it’s very tight and rides up….

And the back – the back actually comes down to a point – looks odd with a stiff fabric!

And then a handkerchief skirt – I have about an inch to lose before I can fasten this up – shame, as it’s quite nice…

Check out that construction lol – pre-overlocker!!!

Hand stitching the facing to the zip – embarrassingly, my hand stitching was better then too!!!

That zip may look ropey as all hell, but it’s better than anything I’ve tried recently – AND I didn’t have a zipper foot at the time……

And the complete item. I quite like it, actually. I still have the pattern, it can’t be too hard to grade up the waist a couple of inches……

And the bonus UFO. I started this top then gave up as it was starting to get complicated and it looked like it was going to be too small. Not only did I find the half-finished top (which is a little small, but I was thinking maybe it could be a corset type back or I could just put extra panels in) but a piece of the fabric, 36″x53″ – more than enough to make something else!


Yes, I know it’s that awful satin that makes me want to cry…..but LOOK AT IT. IT IS GREEN AND BEAUTIFUL. I’m going to overlock the shit out of all the edges this week, to stop it fraying anymore (it’s been in the loft for almost 7 years lol)

I also found some wool I bought to make hair extensions out of, which I think can be incorporated into a knitting project (when I ever finish my scarf!!), and how convenient – they are good to go for the Colette Palette Challenge πŸ˜€

Purple and aqua goodness. And green. I love green.


Right, now I’m going to drool over that green satin….(or move the cat off it as she’s decided it’s her new bed….)


Yes, it is.

I decided to make the Taffy out of the flowery floaty fabric. It’s one on my list of things to do for the Palette Challenge. The fabric itself was the most fraytastic horror this side of Chinese Satin….but it didn’t matter as a) it has French seams, and b) it’s going to look AWESOME.

Well….I did much the same as last time, cut out the same size, though I did make the neck slightly higher (about an inch) and I omitted the ties. I didn’t like the bias binding, so turned it in (this made no difference to the fit, I assure you) and I did a rolled hem again on the sleeves and hem. It looked so beautiful…..then…..

DISASTER! It’s too tight! I can wear it, and it looks gorgeous BUT it pulls across the top of my back and chest and really digs in at the front of my (admittedly shotputterish) shoulders. Gutted. The black one didn’t do that at all, and I cut the same size……AARGGHHH!!!!

Pic of it on the dummy (it truly is not as shapeless as it looks on there, honest!)

I did rehem my trousers and fix the elastic on my favourite green velvet skirt though, so something has gone without incident!!!

Before I went away, I bought some cheap fabric from the charity shop. While I was away, I bought some trim from Boyes, and today, I bought more fabric, from Milton Keynes Market. But not the rude bloke, cos I wanted wearable basic stuff not cool but mental embellished stuff. Even if it is all Β£2/yard πŸ˜€

So, my fairly recentish haul looks a bit like this….

The 80s splatter fabric is stretchy, as is the stripey grey and black t shirt stuff. Next to that is what appears to be a 70s bedsheet, but it’s the perfect colour for the S/S’12 palette…then some drapey stuff I got today which is actually the right colour, and some lining type fabric I got from the charity shop….above that is another today purchase – spotty satin. Because I’m an idiot. I know satin is foul but the colour is so pretty……then various bundles of lace and ribbon – how awesome is the turquoise lace? And yes, that is ladybird ribbon, I know…but they had 7 spots…

Now, what to make? Was thinking of a Taffy for the flowery turquoise but now I’m thinking dress….argh. I also bought Burda mag today, and want to make about 8 things in it but oh god the instructions look a total mare!

Either way, before I sew anything, I need to remove the triffids from my table and possibly swap computer desks over, as my new (smaller) one is currently housing the stash in the pic…..

Allotment is a disaster of weeds. Eek, will have to do some SERIOUS weeding this weekend, weather allowing. This is what a fortnight of torrential rain and a holiday does…

I have been doing MMM’12 by the way – I’m wearing a me-made today, and hopefully Bob will get a pic of it later, when he’s allowed to leave Luton.

Luton. Grrr…hotbed of grim. There are ‘demonstrations’ today (read:riots and an excuse for a bit of a fight) by some Nazi scum and some religious fundies. Yay (OK, that’s a bit extreme but they can all piss off, I don’t want anyone’s belief shoved down my throat, thanks, whether it be extreme left or right wing and face it, nationalists and religious zealots are sides of the same coin – ie our gang is the best gang and anyone who’s not in it is evil and bad and wrong and should be shot)

The Uni was closed to students for ‘safety reasons’, ie the Uni thought there was going to be trouble. Yet Bob’s employer decides that’s a perfect opportunity to do some maintenance, cos rioting fuckheads demonstrators can tell the difference between a student and a plumber/sparky – gah!

As it is, apparently there have been no actual riots but all the roads have been closed until the EDL have left, so he’s been stuck there..until about now…..nice to know his employers care so much.

Ah text from Bob 17.01 – he’s finally leaving Luton πŸ˜€

Political rant over, I have some sewing to plan!!

I made a start on the final tier of the netty petty – I did a third of it – believe me, that’s more than enough for one day! My poor neck….

Following on from that, I thought I’d make the skirt to go with it, out of some sheerish black fabricΒ  I got from Peterborough market. I used the skirt bit from Butterick 4790, cos it’s really full, and managed to get it on one bit of fabric – I did cut down one side because it needs a zip. The zip went in perfectly. The waist is only a little too big. The hem is all over the place. It’s currently on the dummy, waiting to see how much more on the piss the hem will be before I can actually sort it out – bummer is that the shorter bits are a bit too short. Gah.

I was determined to make something that fit, and I really liked the fabric. I also had a good metre and a half left, and I had a hankering for a blouse (I think I may get away with this for the S/S 12 challenge, even though it’s the wrong colour πŸ˜€ ), so thought I’d go for Taffy, as I like the sleeves.

Now, I was a bit worried about the fact it was cut on the bias. I hate bias cut skirts – they always cling in the wrong places and make me look really lumpy :(, so it was not without trepidation I went about this.

Having learned my lesson from my previous pattern experiences, I looked at the FINISHED garment measurements, and measured the pieces before deciding on a size. Now, according to Colette sizing, I am a 14 (which is my actual dress size which makes a nice change), and my Meringue was hyoooge! This time I cut a 10. Yes, a 10, and I have hefty boobage…I was surprised but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

It went together really easily, this despite the fact my sewing machine was having the mother of all mardy fits and kept snapping the thread, looping stitches, having tension traumas etc etc…I changed the needle, changed it for a smaller one, changed the upper tension, the lower tension, swore, cursed, took the pins out before sewing over them……I got there in the end but it needs looking at, I think…..a service is long overdue!

I did the bias binding on the neck PERFECTLY…all the stitching was spot on, the seam was neat and……it was inside out. What a dickhead!!! As it happens, I tried the top on, the neck was stiff and gapey, so I turned the binding to the inside and stitched it to the blouse, and now it’s much better…. πŸ™‚

Instead of binding and hemming the sleeves and bottom, I used my overlocker to do a rolled hem – bias binding would have been far too stiff for those sleeves, and I wanted them floaty….

I believe I actually have an item I’m really pleased with and am looking forward to wearing. It *is* a little tight on the hips, the bit I DIDN’T measure lol but it’s easily rectified with a slit up each side or by me being less porky…

The neck is still a little wide and gapey, next time I shall make the neck smaller

Not sure you can see the shiny bubbly pattern on this pic but it's ace

Ah yes – the dummy has had a boob job and a makeover – she now has one of my bras stuffed with Bob’s boxer shorts and a couple of towels to make her more my measurements…bless.

Hemmed the self drafted skirt, so it’s wearable, but the gingham top is a write off – raised the shoulders, it didn’t really help, and now the sleeves are all wrong. Bleh.

On a completely unrelated note, a couple of weeks ago, a friend and I were discussing why they didn’t make flavoured pork scratchings – I was all for Worcestershire sauce or chilli. Well, yesterday, I found these…..

How cool is that? Will give you my verdict when I’ve tried them…

Spring/Summer palette

So…..somewhere on the left is a little colour wheel tag thingummy telling you I’ve signed up for another dressmaking challenge. Well, why not? I was umming and ahhing about the colour theme for this – ie I love red and don’t have enough of it in my wardrobe, I’m also getting a hankering after something in lemon yellow and lime green (think Twister lolly), but in the end, I went for the above. Why?

Well, they are my other favourite colours, but also colours I don’t wear enough of (the teal shades, for example – I LOVE greeny aqua colours but rarely wear them, so I shall be making an effort this year), or paler, brighter shades of colours I do wear – the light aqua is a bit out of my comfort zone…. πŸ˜€

Let me clarify, I am a goth, though I love very bright colours – mainly red, green and magenta. I even believe I suit them….but I still go for black cos I am lazeh…I must stop with the black!

The stuff on my board – the colou and shape of the mermaid dress is AMAZING, I would love to make one, one day. The Vibrams – I do sporty stuff, and I need to make sporty clothes – I will be making shorts this summer, that is definitely one of the things I’ll be making….the corset. I’ve made one corset, and I’d like to make another before the end of summer. I also really like the colour…

I love the shape of the green dress, the colours on the floaty dress, and everyone should have green glittery shoes…the flamingo top is due to my love of ridiculous fabrics, and I love ladybirds, hence the necklace. The grey jacket reflects workwear (I have no smart workwear) and the fact I often think grey looks smarter than black, and it goes with my chosen ‘brights’

My plan for this challenge is to make – 1 dress suitable for a wedding (I have little choice in this), 1 pair of shorts (possibly Iris), 1 go-anywhere summer dress, 2 tops/blouses suitable for pretty much anything, and if I have time, maybe a skirt. That isn’t black. I will actually be making 2 dresses suitable for weddings but one is way off the scope of this challenge πŸ˜€ Oh, and I have my netty petty to finish, which is definitely the right colour for this!

For now though, I need to get ready for a wedding, my dress has a wonky hem, but clearly it’s a design feature…. πŸ˜€