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Well, I’m still here. Been a bit slack of late because I’ve been too caught up in my other project – Operation Kickarse!

I have given myself 13 weeks to remove my excess flab and get myself fit again! It’s all in another blog, but I’m only on week 1, and tough times are coming up…. 😀

So, to MMM ’12. This was really hard. It became apparent that I’m not overly happy about the clothes I have made and think few of them are fit to be worn. The last week was even harder as the weather was so hot, I just wore shorts and a vest for most of it…I did wear the black Taffy one day but didn’t get a pic. I didn’t get to wear the black and pink PVC skirt because I’m just not doing that in 28C heat!

So, a few piccies;

The bed was enormous!

Double decker trains! (If only First Crapital Connect had these!)

Some cool decoration on this building, near where we stayed

Me-made ladybird corset, after tightening to give myself a waist lol!

And from the front

Me-made Space Dress (I did adjust the belt after this was taken) The hair is also me-made lol!

Oh, and the netty petty underneath is me-made too!

Oh and this amused me in the bagel shop;


Obviously I was aware something was wrong in my dressmaking, then I went to Leipzig. I got a LOT of inspiration, and ideas for things to make and the sort of styles I liked. Consequently, I came home and made myself a stretch jersey minidress which I may take pics of later 😀

It seems as much as I like pretty dresses etc, I’m rarely going to wear them, and what I need is loads of bits I can mix and match, mainly black, grey and red. Eek. That’s not to say I’m not still going to make cute retro dresses, but now I have lists of other things to make, some for fun, some not.

I need work trousers. With pockets. Urgh, so tempted just to trawl the charity shops.

I want some just above knee length culottes. I like little flared skirts but I have chubby legs and they chafe in summer. Culottes is best of both worlds….

A shruggy bolero thing in stretch fabric (lace, most likely)

A number of long tops. I’ve made two already, by drawing round one I bought at Leipzig and overlocking it – seemed to work well – one thing the Germans can do is goth summerwear 🙂

Right…tonight I’m off roller skating with friends, and yes I am taking knee pads, even if they make me look a dick.


Actually, looking at that, some numpty might think I meant the other thing – oops.

Firstly, I have no photos atm, this is because I’m a div and left my phone at a friends, and I can’t get it back till this afternoon. D’oh.

WGT was – amazing, overwhelming, and the weather was very very hot. Hmmm what to talk about first? Clothes, I think. I took very few clothes, due to the expected weather and still I didn’t wear them all, it was just too hot. Didn’t stop plenty of others going out in PVC etc but I’m all for comfort over fashion – I’m too old for that shit. I did indeed spend most of my time slobbing around in combat shorts and a vest…

I have a few observations about Germany and German goths, and some things they don’t tell you before you go…

German goths are very well put together. Their style is as eclectic as anyones, but I honestly saw very few of the horrors I see elsewhere. Generally, they like their clothes to fit well and go together. Ripped and patterned tights are a big thing (which pleases me as I really like the look), as are crinolines. Crinolines are definitely The Thing. And as a mate pointed out, most people actually wear black. Thing that annoyed me ever so slightly? The cool patterned tights were often made by a British company, or by companies that are often sold in UK department stores, but all we get is the really boring shit. Grrr. I also noticed most weren’t wearing big platform boots, but I put it down to them not wanting Treffen Foot. The reason soon became clear when I went to see the bands. Germans are TALL. Bob, at a reasonable gnats whisker off 6′ felt short, and the women were usually over 5′ 6″. They are also pretty slim. It was pretty rare to see a fat German goth. Proof of this is when I bought t shirts, and I had to buy size XL. To put that into context, I’m about a size 14 in tops, which is a US 10.

Food. As expected, the choice of meats and cheeses was amazing, even the bread was nice (and is often a small amount served with a meal, not the main attraction). There are some things not so good though – they like their food salty. Very salty. I struggled with my soup the first day, until I got used to it. They also like things sweet. Now, I have a real sweet tooth, but…… we had some Currywurst at the station, which is effectively a large saveloy sliced up and covered in curry sauce. German curry sauce is like sweet and sour sauce with a bit of curry powder in it – it’s actually really nice but you can’t eat too much of it…. Overall, I liked the food, and it was plentiful. Where there are goths, there is food. Each venue had plenty of food and drink stalls outside and in. I had to laugh actually, I went around the market on the last day, and on the stall selling herbas and spices they had bags of curry powder – ‘Thai curry powder’, ‘Indian curry powder’ and ‘Englisches curry powder’….

It’s also compulsory to smoke in Germany. Smoking inside public buildings may be illegal, but there is plenty of provision for smokers and some bars do allow smoking inside (the one at the main railway station for instance)

Things that are useful to know before going to Germany;

Pfand – if you buy a drink, the first time you must pay pfand (deposit, pledge), which you get back at the end when you take your glass back. This also applies to some restaurants, and bottles you buy in supermarkets. Some shops have bottle banks where you put your bottles in and get your pfand.

Most cafes have a system where you take your tray and plates back to a central point, similar to IKEA.

If you want tea, you need to ask for schwarz tee. Otherwise you get fruity tea. There is no real distinction between types of black tea though, and on any given day, we were given Earl Grey, Assam, Darjeeling and Breakfast tea… 😀 It;s also possible the only thing available to put in your tea is coffee cream (kaffeesahne)

Same applies with beer. Schwarzbier is more like ale, otherwise you get Pils.

Public transport is very good and efficient, but the main trains were still 10 mins late each time!

The little green man at the lights – not waiting for him, even if there is no traffic, risks a fine.

Food and drink and many basic stuff is dirt cheap, compared to the UK. Beer in the supermarket is 69 cents (plus 8 cents pfand), similar in the UK would be £1.50. Luxury goods are more expensive, goth clothes etc are much the same price, but in my opinion, the quality is slightly better (and most things are a better fit)

I will put up some pics when I get my phone back, though there aren’t many.

The accommodation was good, the bed was huge, and don’t believe all that you are told – not everyone speaks English, even young people. Although I have a very basic knowledge of German, it can let you down – I often managed to successfully ask for something, the shop assistant would then think I would speak German and asked loads of questions, and got a blank look in return! Definitely going next year and definitely going to do a course or something!

I also had some sewing related revelations while I was there, which I will probably expand upon in the next post. I think my sewing will be going in a very different direction from now on, we shall see.

Oh, and the deads are out, my hair is orange and purple. Ugh.

Well, after the frustrations of the latest pattern, I thought I’d have a bit of a play. I bought a couple of metres of gingham at Boyes last year, and thought I’d make a nice top. I used the bodice from the New Look pattern and added about 6″ to the waistband. I was going to do shirring all the way down, but decided just to go for the back waist. It is a little tight round the front but that was me being stingy with the fabric. As before, the back gaped like a bitch, so I put 2″ darts in. Did a bit of binding around the sleeves, then tried it on…all good, except the neckline. Bend over and…hello bra!!! Hmmm. Debated a bit of modesty lace, a friend suggested thin elastic. Tried both, it looked awful. Gah. Still debating how to do the hem….

It's not that on the piss in real life, honest

Check out the pretty sleeves

Ignore the dreadful pressing, however, as I mentioned, my iron went all leaky and crap. I went out and bought a new one. It hurt, I was all for the cheapo £4 one, but then found one that was half price at £20 and is almost twice the size of my old one, so I bought the beast – at around 6 times the cost of my old one, it had better last 10 years too!

Yes, I have a picture of an iron on my blog, what of it?

I also got a phone call earlier to say my French Curve had arrived – yay Imperial goodness! And what did I do when I got home? Made a basic skirt block using the instructions in ‘METRIC Pattern Curring’ Yes, I like to make life difficult


Speaking of metric pattern cutting, Bob got the men’s version through the post today, so he can make trousers – and in the package was my book. I shall look forward to eating proper yummy food (especially as my collar bacon is due to be in tomorrow, I will also be buying Black Bomber cheese…yum!)

Yummy food.

For more amazing food porn, check out Modern Paleo Warfare on my blogroll…..

Hmm. Other stuff. Well, after making the block, I dug out some old pinstripe stretchy velvety type stuff and made a skirt.  Results are almost in (I still need to hem it)

This material was made for my overlocker, how pretty is that?

Facing made from leftover chilli fabric. Yes, the zip is purple. It's a design feature, honest.

IT FITS!!!! IT FITS PERFECTLY!!! I’m so HAPPY! It even looks pretty with the also half finished top….. I might have something to wear in MMM’12 yet!!!

Look - it's almost an outfit!

Still on dressmaking – the new Colette patterns came out today – despite having enormous thunderthighs, I *need* the Iris shorts – it’s the front side seam pockets…and I also want the sundress I can’t remember the name of but has triangular side seams and looks ace in stripes – check out Coletterie on the blogroll if you want to actually see what I’m wittering about!

Nice to see Deadford made it into the national news, though not for great reasons I live near the Crown pub – interesting as it’s right next to the hospital – which charges a fortune for parking. Hmmm. Oh, and it’s on a very busy junction that is already gridlocked at rush hour. That’ll be nice for everyone then…..

In completely unrelated news, there are changes ahead for me, in a motivational capacity. I’m very excited. I’ve been working through some stuff and reading this blog the woman is amazing, she made me lift heavier than I ever have before…

Anyhow, that’s enough from me, I have some chilling out to do!

Well. After yesterday’s trauma, I have left the waistcoat as is. I need to do the button and buttonhole, but that can wait. Here is the offending pattern…

I have made the trousers before, and they were massive on the waist. Now, I am dead on halfway between an 18 and a 20, most of the time, though I usually end up cutting an 18, otherwise everything is huge on the shoulders, but this is silly. 6.5″ ease on the bust? The finished article is massive, you think I’m kidding? Yes, it looks big on the dummy, because the dummy is a max. size 12 (I was, once) but Bob tried it on, and aside from being a little short, it fit him perfectly! I may get a pic up for a laugh…if it didn’t have the frilly bit on the bottom, he’d have it as a waistcoat 😀

In other news, I finally redid the catch stitching on the Meringue, as it was too loose and kept catching my knee….I also went to the charity shop earlier and found my favourite brand of shirt, in my size, similar pattern but pink and white – a nice smart look for work, methinks!  Also found a stripey shirt, same brand, a size too small…so I thought. Turns out the smaller size fits me PERFECTLY everywhere except my boobs – but leaving the button open and wearing a vest under it looks pretty cool (in my opinion) so it’s a win all round. Pics will be forthcoming when I get to wear the combo (tomorrow I am playing cars so it won’t be then….)

I must stay off Ebay…..I have just bought a job lot of zips….the idea of buying one zip for over £2 is galling, same with a pack of 5 buttons for same….I’m tempted by a bag of random buttons for £1.99….

This weekend I shall mostly be making a dress for Bob’s sister’s wedding, which is the following weekend. This is assuming I don’t cock it up like I did the turquoise one (which may well now be for the August or September wedding)

Pattern is an Amazing Fit pattern – I got it for two reasons – it has separate pieces for different cup sizes – woohoo!!! (saying this, according to my measurements, I’m barely a C cup in this pattern, when in reality I’m an E….Okayyyyy…only 3 cups different lol – I can only assume this is going by the old school way of measuring bra size where I am indeed a C cup)

The other reason is…POCKETS!!!! Why do clothing manufacturers not put pockets in women’s clothes? Even jacket pockets are fake!!!

I’ll be making view C, the sweetheart neckline and short sleeves

And the fabric I’ll be making it out of is quite a loud animal print and flower viscose…..sounds vile but I actually really like it, and it’s drapey and flowy so I’ll get a swishy skirt…the lady in the shop said I’ll have to iron it while it’s damp…iron? IRON???


Let’s hope it all goes well……

Meanwhile, I have been eating a bit better today, and feel less bleh. Long weekend coming up, I need a recipe for hot cross buns with einkorn flour lol…..

Can’t wait for my book to arrive, all those lovely recipes! My collar bacon has been delayed, as it’s still curing – looking forward to going to the farm shop to buy loads of noms…..


Day 1 of the challenge, that is – so much I need to write on here but don’t have time!

My salad dressing was olive oil, lemon juice and garlic pepper. I also made some mayonnaise, which I’m not impressed with. Partly this is because I don’t really like olive oil in large doses, and partly because I don’t like mayo either, but even with various flavourings, it’s still pretty grim. Ah well…..

Biggest problem of the day was tea. I love tea. I usually have it with milk. I had green tea, but it wasn’t as nice…..I’ll have to persevere with it, as I can’t be drinking coffee all day…

Annoyed that yesterday’s Graze box hasn’t arrived – had to give the honey cinnamon almonds to Bob yesterday, while I ate the other stuff, but I’ve changed the contents to one of the ‘healthy’ ones……mainly just fruit, nut and seed mixes.

I think my rear tyre has a puncture. This is annoying as I don’t think it will be cheap to replace…..

Today I am planning to plant my garlic, amongst the raspberries. I also have onion and shallot sets to put in – once I’ve cleared the weeds (again) – at least it’s a sign the soil is good lol!!!

Good mood

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Feeling a lot better today. I’m still not 100%, because I’m a bit dehydrated, but I can eat properly again. Annoyingly, it seems like I’m coming down with a cold. I’ve been sneezing a bit today, which is always a bad sign.

So I just went to the gym, did only 20-25 mins cardio, but it was quite intense. Got my heart rate up to 175, which is not as high as usual, but as I said, I’m still a bit dehydrated.

Cooking a hot Thai red curry, as my usual way of getting rid of colds involves chugging vitamins, ecinachea and really hot spicy food to sweat it out. Made enough for tomorrow too.

Will sort out my massive vitamin stash later. Part of my ‘get healthy for Whitby’ regime will involve taking plenty of vitamins and minerals, probiotics, fish oils and glucosamine for the next month. I have been eating not the best foods lately, and I need to repair the damage. And I don’t care what anyone says. You cannot get all the nutrients you need from food, unless you eat stacks, it’s raw, and organic. So I will give nature a helping hand.

Susie is away, so i have no running partner, and no way am I running out on my own, so for the next coupl eof weeks, I plan on doing the following;

Weights 3x weekly with 15-20 mins med cardio
Running 2x weekly. 1 run at 10kph for as long as I can (increasing time by at least a minute each week)
Cross training 1x weekly. Probably Spin or Body Combat.

Still intending to do the Food Doctor 7 Day Diet the week before Whitby, to prepare for the pizza and Scotch Egg goodness that is in Whitby….

I have lost a couple of pounds though, thanks to belly badness.

Gob has been well and truly smacked

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Just been to the market to buy fruit. Just brought it home exactly how much supermarkets rip us off

I got;

Over a pound of black seedless grapes (£1 a bowl)
5 pomegranates (5 for £1)
2 punnets English strawberries (2 for £1.50)
6 new season Cox apples (30p per lb)

For £2,99

Just been on Sainsbury’s website, and they have the following;

Black seedless grapes, £2.99 for 400g
No Cox, but they have English apples at £2.19 for 4 (!!!)
1lb strawberries (not English, either) for £1.69 – and that’s a half price offer…..
Pomegranates are 89p each.

Bearing in mind I got around 600g grapes and 6 apples, the grand total comes to….



That’s a joke, right?


Fucking hell.


In the interests of fairness,I went to the Asda site,as it’s supposed to be the cheapest supermarket, and the stuff IS cheaper. They have no pomegranates listed, so I used the Sainsbury’s price, and the total is….


Better, but still 😮


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Went to MK for my fabric. Saw remains of an accident and ambulance on the other carriageway. Fuckwit in left lane braked to about 30mph to rubberneck, and was so busy looking at that, he wandered into my lane. I was doing 65. What is it with MK and accidents? (apart from the fact the whole place apart from the town centre is a network of 70mph dual carriageways and roundabouts)
On the way back, saw a Jag on the grass – looks like he missed his exit….oops!

Went into John Lewis, found the stunning fabric, and asked the nice sewing machine lady about the sort of needle I’d need for it. Being used only to the basically stocked Singer shop, I was unaware there was such thing as teflon coated needles for stretchy fabrics. Even bigger bonus was that they were apparently the same needles I needed for my PVC too! Hurrah! So, everyone, PVC/spandex/metallic beady stuff needs a size 11 needle. Joy.
We also asked her about stitching it – she showed me a lovely runner foot, which also has 3 different sized rolled hem thingys, a hemming plate and something else, all for £40. I really can’t afford it, but I’ll need one for stitching PVC, so we’ll see how much I get from Lush/petrol expenses this month (after I’ve bought a cambelt, plugs, filters, oil and MOT)
She also said they have a film you can use with stretchy fabrics. They had run out, but I got a sample of water soluble fiom they get with embroidery machines. Hurrah! She was lovely, I’d definitely recommend her, because she knows her stuff.

Made the chilli, but which spanner here had no chilli powder? Duh. Used fresh chillis and cayenne. It was still yummy.

We have cleaned the rats out, so they smell nice again. Scrubbed the bog and that smells nice again, though I spilled Ajax all over the carpet and my feet.

Going to make more rock cakes. And before anyone says they are unhealthy, I use wholemeal flour and two thirds of the sugar stated.

Best laid plans and all that…

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My plan to spend in Sainsbury’s and save petrol failed impressively.

Went to the supermarket, bought basic stuff, but no meat because I couldn’t find much organic stuff, and I bought loads of tins of economy beans and tomatoes, got half price tuna etc etc, in fact I bought loads. Got to the checkout…..£45! Bang went my cheap petrol. Oh well. We now have lots of food. For the next month, we will mostly be eating tuna and tomato sauce with pasta, pasta with vegetables and cheese sauce, stir fry veg with rice and Chinese curry sauce, Red Thai curried prawns and rice and bean stew.

Went for a run with Susie on Tuesday night – the circuit was 1.7 miles, so I said next time (hopefully tomorrow) we do it twice.

Interview tomorrow, and I’m a bit nervous because I realise there will be PMT. I’m starting to feel a bit crampy, but the FP lady pretty much ordered me to take a break.

Absolutely have to go to Lush this weekend, though I’m skint. I need conditioner (we have none), ultrabland (it won’t last till Whitby), deodorant (ditto, and more Aromaco for when I get stinging pits), and scrubby stuff, becasue I have skin like rhino hide. And a new comfy bra. And a coffee. Wonder if it would be cheeky to buy products off the interviewer tomorrow 😉

Really need to buy that top. Something comfy but ‘me’. Charity shopping at lunch then.

Oddly optimistic

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Twice in one week, now there’s a first! Don’t hold your breath, for tomorrow the PMT begins…..

OK, so we went to the Marston Vale Forest Centre yesterday, and did the 5 mile walk around Stewartby Lake and the marsh. Ultimately, I’d like to be able to run it, but I saw SO MANY blackberry bushes! There was one family picking them, and I suspect I’ll be back in a couple of weeks, with a large tub. I love blackberries, and I love blackberry crumble.

Had some odd baking issues this weekend. The last few loaves of bread I’ve made in my machine have gone a bit tits up to be honest. They have barely risen, not cooked through properly, and the crust has been too hard. THe troubleshooting guide lists old yeast, crap flour, too much or too little water etc etc. I bought new yeast – no difference. I used a different brand of flour – no difference. Have changed the amount of water – no difference. Don’t get it. I usually do the 70% wholewheat option, but in the desperate hope of getting it to work, I have resorted to the 50% wholewheat loaf. I may have to stop buying the organic flour, as it seems to not like my machine. Not impressed by that, though it was fine before. Might have to ring the service centre.
Had the urge to make fairy cakes, so I did. They were OK, but a bit dry. Think I overcooked them. Made rock cakes yesterday, which came out much better. Shame I only had white flour. Will buy wholewheat next time.

Work is going better, but I am already behind after writing my lists. This was due to a particularly nightmarish day looking at historic duty rates. Hopefully I’ll get it sorted this week.

Will try to alter some trousers later. I made them a while ago, but they’re all baggy round the crotch. Lets hope I get it right, or else they’ll look really silly!

And I went to the gym. Finally found a programme I think I can stick with until Whitby. It’s a full body workout, three times a week. One exercise per bodypart, but the exercise changes each day, so today I did flat bench dumbbell press, dumbbell press and lat pulldowns, and Wednesday I will do incline barbell press, lateral raises and barbell rows etc. You get the picture. In between will be running, oh joy. Can do 5 mins at 10kph, will try to add at least a minute a week to that. I wore my heart rate monitor last time and horrified myself with my 185bpm heart rate! I thought it would have come down a bit by now. Ho hum. At least I can run at 185bpm without dropping dead. Migraines seem to start in the 195 region….

And the scales were better today – 11st 1lb. Seeing as they said 11st 5lbs on Thursday, I suspect I had a touch of water retention. I have been drinking loads this weekend, so must have flushed it all out.