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I went to the gym today, first time in a fortnight, and did a leg workout that, if I did it properly, will result in me walking like I shat myself….

I was somewhat disappointed to note I have lost a measly 2.5lbs in total over the last 21 days. It’s still 9lbs off my highest ever but still a bit crap.

Today’s experiment was dairy. After a lack of problems with spud, I bought a Greek Salad Bowl from M&S (they were half price). It had a piddling amount of feta cheese in it (about an ounce, if I’m lucky), so figured it would be OK. Didn’t notice any bad effects, but then 6 hours later I got a bit of trapped wind.  Not sure if it was the cheese or green tea with mango I drank just before, but tomorrow I will attempt another small dose of dairy to see….I really wanted Greek yoghurt, but all they had was low fat….FFS

Tomorrow I have 39 strips of netting to cut out. Oh joy…..I may leave it till Friday……

Oh, and people are bastards. That is all.


I actually drank some green tea today without gagging. Yay me. It was Twinings green tea with lemon, if you’re interested…

It’s all going well but it’s a total pain in the arse trying to buy stuff from shops when you get the munchies mid afternoon. I’ve made it to Day 8, that’s nearly a third of the way through!!

Have been tested tonight as I did a mystery shop at Frankie and Benny’s. Oh, how I was tempted by the wondrousness of the rack of ribs and sticky prawns…..but I was good. I had chicken wings for starter (and ignored the blue cheese sauce), and lamb shank for main – the nice chap was also happy to substitute the mashed spud for extra veg – result! 😀 And I had a bloody strong coffee (it was in the brief, and Bob won’t touch the stuff…)

Want to do another one, but I have to order a glass of wine – I’m pretty sure that would be OK, right…… 😉

Today’s Graze box was awesome, as I could eat everything in it, so I shall do so, tomorrow. Use this code to get a free box at


Ah yes, tomorrow. Our order of various butters (mango, macadamia, olive, kokum, coffee, illipe, shea and argan oil) has arrived, and tomorrow, we should be making lovely body butter, a hair mask for next time I’m let loose with the bleach, face and eye cream and lip balm…..can’t wait!!!

I also have the net for the netty petty I’ll be making when I can get access to an overlocker, and this weekend I will begin making a bumper batch of dreads for Whitby.

My bathroom floor is now black, and the bog is back in place – hurrah!

In industrious mode, I also tidied my cupboard at work today…tomorrow I will attempt the desk…eek!!! o_O

That’s about it really. Not so much to say today, but it’s been quite a good one, now I have to find some pots as I know I won’t be happy with just one pot of body butter….. 😀

Really really really missing tea. Green tea is bitter, white tea smells like fish and fruity tea is OK for the odd cup….grrr…

Permanently thirsty, and water doesn’t cut it at all.

Went to the allotment earlier – picked some corn cobs (that I can’t even eat), and chillis, found some zombie onions that had survived the Roundup, no sign of courgettes, just flowers, and disturbed a huge newt while weeding the raspberries…he was moved and my garlic was planted 😀

Off to Polenastics shortly. I’ve done zero exercise for two weeks, this is going to be hard…..

It was OK…I found balsamic vinegar on my salad was a much nicer proposition. I also made a Thai red curry without the sugar and it was really nice. I got horrible munchies yesterday though and couldn’t stop eating!!!

Green tea with pomegranate is nicer than plain green tea….

Today I have managed to dodge the bullet that is cakey, at the Bedfordshire Rollergirls closed bout. I went to help set up, but am off to a barbeque/wedding party later. I have made some burgers, in case they have nothing suitable, and will probably secrete some fruit into my pockets, just in case….

Enjoying the smoked mackerel for breakfast but think I need to buy more…a lot more 😀

Apparently , that is the official name of what I’m about to do…the info is here

Black coffee being drunk, not sure how the green tea will go, I do love my tea, with milk….

Only think I can foresee being a bit of a mare is lack of butter. I do love butter, and it’s so good on veg!!!

Breakfast has been bacon and tomatoes, lunch will be salad with eggs, an apple and I also have some Paleo friendly snacks from Graze (various seeds and nut mixes).

Typically, I have to eat out tonight, at Frankie and Benny’s – luckily, they do lots of meaty stuff, so will be OK with a steak and salad, will just ignore the chips (or get Bob to eat them….), or I could have a salad…..

I will be spending next few days reading blog after blog, first thing I’ll be looking for is salad dressing 😀

Have taken my vitamins – Vit D, magnesium and zinc, fish oil and vit C (which I know has saccharin in but it can’t be helped, it’s either that or sugar….), and weighed and measured.

Weight – 11st 13lbs (167lbs or 76kg for Americans and funny metric people)

Bust – 41″

Waist – 33″

Hips – 42″

BF% – 35%

I am a porker!!!! But then we all knew that…….off to perv at food porn on