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Okay. for the three people in the world who expressed an interest…. I just got Bob to take pics of the offending articles….oh and believe me when I say I am not nearly as shapeless as the pics make out…..honest!

Exhibit 1 – Portrait Mk1 – nice colour, nice fabric, dreadful fit. Looks fine till I attempt to move my arms, chest too tight, hips too tight….think I would need to cut it a size or two bigger and bring those tucks up higher…also bear in mind I lengthened this by a good 3 inches….


And the back…yes I weight train lol – NOW do you see my problem?? 😀


Exhibit 2 – Portrait Mk2 – made with the most evil fraying loose weaved fabric in the world, but perfect for an experiment (until I got a lump glued to my iron GRRRRR this shit cannot be pressed)

Added almost an inch per side, extended the shoulders slightly but made armhole bigger, shirred 4 rows at the narrowest part, the bit I ASSUMED would be the waistline. Er, no. To be fair, this version is infinitely more wearable, and I will probably wear it, it’s comfortable, only a little tight when I pull my shoulders and arms forward but the elasticated bit? Believe me when I say it is almost 2″ above my waist. And I’m short, and a bit shortwaisted….

Oh, and I haven’t done the neckline yet, was checking to see if it fit first. And yes, I hemmed the sleeves flat. Life is too short to hem them when the side seams are sewn up!


It nips in – honest!!

And the beefy back shot…and no the back hem isn’t straight…


In good news, I found my draft bodice block earlier – seems at some point I made one – now just need to trace it and try to make something sensible out of it. I’m quite into princess seam..and I have a pattern with them that fits a treat (apart from the waist being a little too high lol)

Panorama Leipzig

Panorama Leipzig (Photo credit: baerchen57)

It came as a bit of a surprise at the weekend, when I realised it was a week and a half until we go to Whitby. This means now I have 8 days to sort my shit out. Erk. That’s 8 days of washing clothes, sorting out what to take (doing a Leipzig dry run so will be packing light…ish), and finishing stuff. List of stuff to do (that will probably be three times as long by tomorrow);

Clean and sort dreadies (they are at least in the washing machine, I HAVE made a start, I promise)

Rope in some nutjob find a remarkably helpful friend to put them in for me

Finish the purple netty petty

And the skirt to wear with it

Sort out what clothes fit/I am going to wear

Sort out stuff for the Bring and Buy

Finish the other items I’ve been too lazy busy to deal with

Bribe someone to feed the cat/water the tomatoes

Gather together my ‘mad’ make up

Buy elastic bands

Sort out hair accessories

Finish the bodice block

And also, in the next week, I have to go to the gym at least twice , skate at least once, and go to Polenastics twice, maybe 3 times. And paint/fix my car. Gah.

I then have 3 weeks of rest before I have to do it all again, in a foreign country. Oh yes, while trying to improve my German, which is somewhat….basic.I have found that there is a huge fabric shop there though – the Stoff-Galerie…. 😀

In other news, the wedding was pretty cool, went without any obvious traumas, and I quite enjoyed myself….my dress held up well, my shoes were painful after a while but sometimes you have to suffer for your vanity!

Gym tonight for the first time in a couple of weeks. I’m tired but need to go, I’m feeling flabby, and after filing down a form block yesterday, my shoulders are stiff – I am so puny!!!

Today, I get the feeling I’m spectacularly shit at everything I do.

Take sewing. The only time I’ve made anything that fits properly is when I’ve been supervised (and had instruction on drafting the pattern) My Meringue is lovely but a little big on the waist, and today’s effort. Oh god…..

This is the New Look jacket (except it’s a waistcoat as I had no spare fabric). It was all going well until I decided to self bind the sleeves. It all went wrong, so the bias binding came out. Then I decided to bind the lapels too……except the binding is on the wrong way…..oh and it’s massive on the waist. I now have to put the buttonhole in, and I’m scared, as my machine is mardier than me when it comes to buttonholes…oh, and it has wrinkly shoulders. Gah. It all starts off well and goes to shit near the end, and I lose heart, get bored and go to the next thing.

The binding does make it quite ‘Prisoneresque’ though 😀 I do love The Prisoner…

Which is a dress to wear for weddings, in purple, white and black, but that’s another post….and another time – 4 day weekend means I may actually pace myself…..

They gym. I can’t be arsed, I really can’t. I love it when I’m there but it’s easy to make an excuse (I’m just cutting out this pattern…)

Same goes for diet. I’ve done strict paleo, I know I can do it, for a month at least, WHY can I still not resist sugar? WHY do I eat so much crap.

Take a look at the blogs on my blogroll – all inspirational people who do amazing things, all the things I want to do, from the ladies that make amazing clothes, to the Primal/Paleo boys and girls….gah.

Normal service shall be resumed shortly, I have Polenastics to go to, I may even post some pics of the waistcoat failure for your amusement.

Start with the first – yesterday I made a shiny bit for my car, and then I made it not shiny by spraying it with etchweld. On Friday, my non shiny will be welded onto my car, so it will have a smaller hole in the side. Hurrah!!

Last night, I went to Polenastics, and despite my legs being fooked from training legs the day before, I managed two inversions and so now I feel more confident.

Yesterday, I also made a start on the Purple Petticoat of Doom which will be a calf length effort of epic proportions. One thing I have learned from the green one – I have sewn the pieces together BEFORE overlocking the edges so all the edges match. That’s it – I haven’t got to the awful gathering stage yet 😀

Have a friend coming over later to sew…my remit is to teach her to thread a sewing machine, how to hand stitch without it coming undone and how to sew on a button. All pretty easy BUT my hand stitching is DIRE!!!

My pea plants need to go out, but Wilko’s have sold out of 7 and 9 foot canes. Grrr,

Good mood

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Feeling a lot better today. I’m still not 100%, because I’m a bit dehydrated, but I can eat properly again. Annoyingly, it seems like I’m coming down with a cold. I’ve been sneezing a bit today, which is always a bad sign.

So I just went to the gym, did only 20-25 mins cardio, but it was quite intense. Got my heart rate up to 175, which is not as high as usual, but as I said, I’m still a bit dehydrated.

Cooking a hot Thai red curry, as my usual way of getting rid of colds involves chugging vitamins, ecinachea and really hot spicy food to sweat it out. Made enough for tomorrow too.

Will sort out my massive vitamin stash later. Part of my ‘get healthy for Whitby’ regime will involve taking plenty of vitamins and minerals, probiotics, fish oils and glucosamine for the next month. I have been eating not the best foods lately, and I need to repair the damage. And I don’t care what anyone says. You cannot get all the nutrients you need from food, unless you eat stacks, it’s raw, and organic. So I will give nature a helping hand.

Susie is away, so i have no running partner, and no way am I running out on my own, so for the next coupl eof weeks, I plan on doing the following;

Weights 3x weekly with 15-20 mins med cardio
Running 2x weekly. 1 run at 10kph for as long as I can (increasing time by at least a minute each week)
Cross training 1x weekly. Probably Spin or Body Combat.

Still intending to do the Food Doctor 7 Day Diet the week before Whitby, to prepare for the pizza and Scotch Egg goodness that is in Whitby….

I have lost a couple of pounds though, thanks to belly badness.

Goals, shops

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Thank you all for your kind comments, it seemed to go well, and I didn’t upset anyone!

Got to Leicester, was quite early, and was just about to learn about
wrapping soap, when everyone arrived. Didn’t actually serve any real
customers, but learned about the products (I actually learned a couple
of things too), and the tills.

Just been to the gym, and though I am doing well with my new programme,
I seem to be stagnating as far as weights used are concerned. I need to
sort out goals – weights I want to be using by Whitby.

I did this tonight;

gym weights and rant


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Just ran 3.4 miles (with a bit of a walk break in the middle), and I am knackered. Gave myself a bit of a dehydration headache which paracetamol has cured for now.

Also just eaten a rock cake because it’s late, and I can’t face cooking.

Very tired, but happy I did something.

Gym tomorrow.

And probably more sick jokes at work.

Here’s one of the less offensive ones….

Who was the last English person to fuck an Aussie and bring back the ashes?

Paula Yates


Ranting and bets

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So, rant of the day goes to idiotic sheep who wibble at the smallest thing.

The papers this morning were saying that people are panic buying petrol due to fuel blockades and possible shortages. Not last time I looked. In fact, they were saying on the telly that no-one was panic buying, we have loads of petrol, we’re not going to run out, so don’t worry about it.

Anyhow. Due to my poverty status, I’ve only been buying as much as I absolutely have to. This morning, running on fumes (about 10 miles worth), I thought I’d better get some. My plan was this;

Get a bit of fuel locally. Enough to get to Watford (I had to work there today)

Fill up the tank in Watford (pretty much the cheapest petrol in the UK)

Not have to buy any more for a couple of weeks, because I’m skint, and because I get to walk to work the rest of the week.

What actually happened;

Got to local petrol station. It’s usually busy, but the queues were just silly. Thought ‘bugger that’

Drove past the next one half a mile down the road. Closed for refurbishment. Thought ‘arse’

Drove to the next one on the wat to the M1. Half the unleaded pumps were off. The pumps that did have unleaded were full of people filling up with….diesel. Thought ‘stupid bastards, if I didn’t have 5 miles left, I’d go elsewhere’

Went to Watford, did my thing and went to Chavda for fuel. And it was bloody rammed. At midday. Obviously, no-one in Watford actually works during the day. Also saw hideous queues across the road at Sainsbury’s.

Bloody ridiculous.

Who really gives a shit? If there’s a fuel shortage, I can’t get to work. Chances are, my boss can’t either. I can’t do visits, the staff at the companies I visit can’t get there either, so who cares? It’s not like I’ll get the sack. And as for those bloody mothers who drive their cosseted little darling half a mile to school in a bloody jeep…….

We should get over ourselves, and send more fuel top people living in rural areas where they have no choice but to drive.

As for the bet….

I have a target. Less than 6 weeks to Whitby. Who thinks I can actually lose half a stone before then? I have had no bloody joy losing ANYTHING. If I lost a couple of pounds it would improve my motivation no end…. (and get about an inch off my waist)

So the target is 7lbs and/or a waist under 30″

I’m off to the gym…..

Oddly optimistic

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Twice in one week, now there’s a first! Don’t hold your breath, for tomorrow the PMT begins…..

OK, so we went to the Marston Vale Forest Centre yesterday, and did the 5 mile walk around Stewartby Lake and the marsh. Ultimately, I’d like to be able to run it, but I saw SO MANY blackberry bushes! There was one family picking them, and I suspect I’ll be back in a couple of weeks, with a large tub. I love blackberries, and I love blackberry crumble.

Had some odd baking issues this weekend. The last few loaves of bread I’ve made in my machine have gone a bit tits up to be honest. They have barely risen, not cooked through properly, and the crust has been too hard. THe troubleshooting guide lists old yeast, crap flour, too much or too little water etc etc. I bought new yeast – no difference. I used a different brand of flour – no difference. Have changed the amount of water – no difference. Don’t get it. I usually do the 70% wholewheat option, but in the desperate hope of getting it to work, I have resorted to the 50% wholewheat loaf. I may have to stop buying the organic flour, as it seems to not like my machine. Not impressed by that, though it was fine before. Might have to ring the service centre.
Had the urge to make fairy cakes, so I did. They were OK, but a bit dry. Think I overcooked them. Made rock cakes yesterday, which came out much better. Shame I only had white flour. Will buy wholewheat next time.

Work is going better, but I am already behind after writing my lists. This was due to a particularly nightmarish day looking at historic duty rates. Hopefully I’ll get it sorted this week.

Will try to alter some trousers later. I made them a while ago, but they’re all baggy round the crotch. Lets hope I get it right, or else they’ll look really silly!

And I went to the gym. Finally found a programme I think I can stick with until Whitby. It’s a full body workout, three times a week. One exercise per bodypart, but the exercise changes each day, so today I did flat bench dumbbell press, dumbbell press and lat pulldowns, and Wednesday I will do incline barbell press, lateral raises and barbell rows etc. You get the picture. In between will be running, oh joy. Can do 5 mins at 10kph, will try to add at least a minute a week to that. I wore my heart rate monitor last time and horrified myself with my 185bpm heart rate! I thought it would have come down a bit by now. Ho hum. At least I can run at 185bpm without dropping dead. Migraines seem to start in the 195 region….

And the scales were better today – 11st 1lb. Seeing as they said 11st 5lbs on Thursday, I suspect I had a touch of water retention. I have been drinking loads this weekend, so must have flushed it all out.

Lacking motivation (for a change)

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I am so sick to deat of myself.

We all know I joined a gym, ate healthier and put on 2 stone. I know why that happened. That problem applies no longer.

I still have 2 stone to lose though. I have done a few things to try
and lose the weight – more cardio, more weights, more everything, less
food, less sugar, less carbs, bodybuilding diets, macronutrient ratios
blah blah blah.

Haven’t lost a sodding pound.

No way will I lose a stone by Whitby, but half a stone would be good.
It would mean I can get into my most recently purchased clothes (Nov
2004), though I would look identical on the photos 😉

My goals are very boring and standard – lose bodyfat while maintaining strength and whatever muscle I already have.

Another big stumbling block is my utter utter loathing of diets. If they worked, people would only ever do one.
I think the Food Doctor had the best approach.

I’ve changed my routine, but wasn’t getting on with it, so this
afternoon, I will try to work out another one. Plan is to do weights 3
x a week, running twice, and another form of cardio for the third
session. The running is training for a 5K next month.

A trainer at the gym suggested doing splits that incorporate upper and
lower body, in order to shunt the blood around, and keep the heart rate
up (not that mine is ever low, mind), something along the lines of
back/biceps/hamstrings, chest/triceps/calves, shoulders/quads/abs.
Which now I’m looking at it, doesn’t seem too bad……

So, any hints, tips etc ?

And do lunges count as a quad or hamstring exercise?

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