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How slack of me….Hmmm

Sunday, went to local bodybuilding show, met up with some friends. It was fun, but I have no desire to diet. Funny, that.

Afterwards, went to see Bob’s truck in action, got a Maccy D and got a lift home in said truck. I nearly did a wee.

Monday, we took it back and put it to bed them went to Polenastics. I was shit, Bob was great, I really hurt my arm, thankfully just a slight muscle strain, seems better today.

Yesterday, I failed to do anything except throw my toys out of the pram, as someone at work branded me a ‘disappointment’

Gym this morning, 60 secs each of;

SLDL, dumbbell push press, dumbbell squat, medicine ball press up, medicine ball floor touch and jump thing, can’t remember, ring row, wall squat hold, lunge with static lateral raise, rear delts, prowler, rest, dumbbell chest press, kettlebell swing, kettlebell squat and jump, alternate shoulder press, barbell clean and press, medicine ball squat and press, leg raises, plank, horsey ropes, rest, SLDL, dumbbell push press….

Work almost bearable but crap today, still fuming from yesterday.

Toight hope to get to the allotment to check on things then go to the gym. Have just sprayed my indoor plants with a weak soap solution – damn aphids! Chilli plant now has chillis though….


Gym this morning….felt like death beforehand – creaky knees, shin splints and sore ankles – I thought flip flops were good??? Argh….did the whole circuit today, bits good, bits gruesome

45 secs each of kettlebell squat and jump/kettlebell deadlift, medicine ball crunch/leg raises, drum roll battling ropes/rest, one arm medicine ball push up/squats, punching pads/holding pads, underhand ring row,/overhand ring row, medicine ball woodchop/medicine ball squat and jump, resistance band side step bungee/bungee holder, dirty filthy evil prowler/rest (wheeze), plank/punchbag flip and burpee, lunge onto step, left leg/right leg, dumbbell chest press/lunge and shoulder raise….

Work has been less shit today, but got an email from the allotment man at the council asking if I would give up half my allotment if I couldn’t manage it? Hell no!! So it’s a bit overgrown but there are still plenty of crops in the ground – pardon me if it’s not perfectly spotless like those owned by retired people who have time to get there every day….

Anyhow, will be there later, if it doesn’t rain, and possibly tomorrow. It DOES need tidying, massively, I will enjoy it more if it’s tidy, but I’m not a tidy person!!!


Oh yes, not content with completely fucking up my entire lower body last year, it’s time for upstairs to get in on the action. Distal biceps tendonitis was my initial thoughts, but today my left shoulder in particular is unhappy, and the muscle right between my shoulderblades. Deep joy (though I think Deep Heat would be more appropriate, it mings, so I’m not going there)

This morning, 40 secs of each, twice over for;

Chest press/kettlebell swing, kettlebell high pull/mountain climbers, leg raises(couldn’t do overhead bit)/v sit and medicine ball slam, left arm rope thing/right arm rope thing, squat and jump, squats (bodyweight as couldn’t get arm back far enough on bar), ring row/plank (couldn’t do roll outs due to pain in arms)

What a wuss I must sound! Somewhat annoyed that I get over one injury and obtain another, bit skint so difficult to get to the physio, though Groupon today have a cheap sports massage….debating it as although it’s cheap, the petrol needed to get there and back would make it a similar price to getting one here.

Ah well, work today, cleaning and packing tonight and a lovely trip to Harwich tomorrow…

After spending ages watering the allotment yesterday, it’s been raining all night 😀

After last week’s epic exerciseathon, I’ve done none since Thursday…..

Crawling out of bed just before 5am was therefore a bit of a struggle….

Off to bootcamp, have to admit, as traumatic as it looked when I got there, the reality was not nearly so bad. That’s not to say it didn’t hurt, but I didn’t pass out. In my book, that’s a plus…

Today’s joy was 60 secs each of;

Shoulder press, chest press, dumbbell clean and press left arm, same with right arm, kettlebell swing, kettlebell high pull, squat with shoulder press(chains), rest, horsey ropes, rest, v sit while having medicine ball thrown at you, throwing medicine ball, lunge holding 10kg plate left leg, same with right leg, ring row, rest, lying down sled pull, rest, prowler, rest.

The lying sled pull hurt like a bitch but I really enjoyed it….

Then I got measured. Their scales say 170lbs, 36.75″ waist (EEEKKK!!) and 14″ guns….hmmm. Bugger. Bit of work to do, methinks…..

Sort of dreading work today – lots to do, have to deal with someone I’d rather not, and it’s Monday therefore officially poo.

I may spend lunchtime purchasing orange fondant icing.