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Protected: Not A Good Thing

Posted: October 12, 2005 in Uncategorized
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Very tired

Posted: October 8, 2005 in Uncategorized
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Just finished work, and I am knackered.

I dressed as the Tin Man, and looked a total spanner, but it was fun.

I bought Ruby Red Slippers because they rock. Really looking forward to Crimble goodies, except for Snow Fairy which is really not to my taste. Think Creamy Candy with triple saccharin. Blech. Randy Butter smells nicer than I remembered, and looking forward to Champagne Jelly, CLeanliness and Christmas Party. Oh yes.

Got a letter from Royal Mail to go to an assessment. Can’t make that particular day, but still interested. Hope they have morning instead of evening shifts. UPS are doing 03.15 – 07.15 which would be great. 5pm – 9pm would be a pain in the arse, but I’d do it for the extra £350 a month. That would get my fucking debts down. And it’s only a temp Christmas job. So what? It’s still £700 extra off my debts, even if I’m just doing 2 months.

Tomorrow I should be going to a christening. Mr Criz is Godfather. Unsurprisingly, I am not Godmother. Must be combination of God + Parent that does it. 😉 Not sure whether to go yet.

Either way, tomorrow I should be making whatever dreads I need to complete my headful, and possibly steaming some, plus cleaning the bathroom. If I have time (depending on the christening and whether I go, I will also try to make soup, and find/draft a pattern for my lairy red skirt.

Off to eat. Starving!

Damn poor

Posted: September 24, 2005 in Uncategorized
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Cashed in the change today – got Mr Criz his Mission ticket (hope he’s having a good time there), put some aside for a cambelt, bought petrol, parking, dinner and a magazine. Got cat food, cheese and apples and am now skint.

Tomorrow is the 5K not-so-fun run, but we probably can’t afford it, followed by dash into town to get cambelt then a barbeque at Mr Criz’s dads house.

I still need a tenner for petrol next week so I can actually do my job. Which is going well. In fact, they both are. Have applied to work in London for a couple of months, shuffling paper. Crap, but loads of wonga.

And I smell damn fine.

Gah (again)

Posted: September 14, 2005 in Uncategorized

Motivation to work not happening just yet. Need to go to the market for fruit and pay in some cash at the bank.

This time next week I should be sneezing on ballistic dust and meeting the others who got through the interview.

Tonight I need to go to the gym, and do weights. At some point this week I will do a Spinning class, because exertion headaches are fun. Really.

It’s a sad day when you are pinching the pennies so much, you are counting the miles you have to do, and how much petrol you have left (for example, I have around 280 miles worth left, and this week I will do around 75 just visiting and stuff, then next week I have to do 130 to Leicester and back, 150 to Northampton and back 3 times, and approx 110 miles to Cheshunt and back. That’s 465. So I need to find another £20 for fuel somewhere. Oh, and don’t forget the £40 cambelt.


Off to town then. I will be in such a good mood when I get back, I will write up my report and accompanying Snotty Letter (TM)


Posted: September 11, 2005 in Uncategorized
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Went to MK for my fabric. Saw remains of an accident and ambulance on the other carriageway. Fuckwit in left lane braked to about 30mph to rubberneck, and was so busy looking at that, he wandered into my lane. I was doing 65. What is it with MK and accidents? (apart from the fact the whole place apart from the town centre is a network of 70mph dual carriageways and roundabouts)
On the way back, saw a Jag on the grass – looks like he missed his exit….oops!

Went into John Lewis, found the stunning fabric, and asked the nice sewing machine lady about the sort of needle I’d need for it. Being used only to the basically stocked Singer shop, I was unaware there was such thing as teflon coated needles for stretchy fabrics. Even bigger bonus was that they were apparently the same needles I needed for my PVC too! Hurrah! So, everyone, PVC/spandex/metallic beady stuff needs a size 11 needle. Joy.
We also asked her about stitching it – she showed me a lovely runner foot, which also has 3 different sized rolled hem thingys, a hemming plate and something else, all for £40. I really can’t afford it, but I’ll need one for stitching PVC, so we’ll see how much I get from Lush/petrol expenses this month (after I’ve bought a cambelt, plugs, filters, oil and MOT)
She also said they have a film you can use with stretchy fabrics. They had run out, but I got a sample of water soluble fiom they get with embroidery machines. Hurrah! She was lovely, I’d definitely recommend her, because she knows her stuff.

Made the chilli, but which spanner here had no chilli powder? Duh. Used fresh chillis and cayenne. It was still yummy.

We have cleaned the rats out, so they smell nice again. Scrubbed the bog and that smells nice again, though I spilled Ajax all over the carpet and my feet.

Going to make more rock cakes. And before anyone says they are unhealthy, I use wholemeal flour and two thirds of the sugar stated.

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Posted: August 23, 2005 in Uncategorized
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be more disgusted with myself if I tried. One week away from the gym, visiting friends I have neglected for months, trying to be more sociable, and what happens?

I put on 3 pounds.

Oh fucking joy.

Immensely pissed off with myself. I just want to be able to get into my pinstripe trousers without cutting myself in half, or having a particularly offensive case of camel toe.

As for cash, well…..

I have none. The rest of the month will be spent mostly working from home or a local office, as I have NO cash at all. For food or petrol.

I may have to break my one month supermarket ban, as I have around £30 of Nectar points to spend, and we’re getting short on food. Next month, I will be getting a trolley full of Economy beans and tomatoes, because that’s what I’m missing. And catering size tins of tuna.

We watched Transformed last night. Those teenagers were monstrous! Interesting how Harvey (the pot smoking not-so-bright chav) went to shit as soon as he got home. Methinks his mother had a lot to do with his attitude. He wasn’t entirely to blame!

But that blonde tart – OMG! Mr Criz, who sees the best in everyone, even sat in front of the telly saying, ‘She’s horrid, she needs a slap, whiny little bully!’ I was impressed. She was hideous though, a real mardy little cow who treated everyone like shit then cried when she didn’t get her own way.

Her mother should have booted her out. She’s over 16, she can fuck off.

Best quote was the woman on GMTV who reviews the programmes. SHe said ‘I saw this, and I have to say one thing -sorry mum – but I’m never having kids!’