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Just back from gym and a lovely breakfast of scrambled eggs, haggis and tomatoes. And a scone. With butter.

How British of me, no cup of tea though….

Bootcamp was hard work today – overextended my shoulder doing Turkish get ups and most of it was overhead work today – argh!

40 secs on/40 off, repeat of;

Box squats with one armed shoulder press left arm/right arm, Turkish get up left arm/right arm,  half squats with lateral raise/full squat with shoulder press, horsey ropes/rest, clean and press/press ups, overhead lunges left foot/right foot, supermans/wall squat and hold, medicine ball woodchop/squat and jump, weighted sled/rest


Back to work, been off almost a week, sort of dreading it, will have so many emails to read!


Yesterday, I spectacularly failed to find a nice dress for Lucy’s wedding. Actually, no, I found two lovely dresses – one a tight animal print number, and one a long floaty, flowery girly effort. One was too big and one too small. Arse.

In anticipation of the event, I even bought some fake tan so my legs don’t blind everyone on the day..they’re half as tan as my arms now lol!!!

Just been to bootcamp, my elbows held up but are a little achey now. The pain today was 30 secs then 60 secs of the following;

Shoulder press, kettlebell swings, trap bar deadlift, horsey/drumroll battling ropes, push press, burpee/ring pull, wall squat and shoulder press/squat and lateral raise (no rest here!) and medicine ball crunch and pass/leg raises (no rest here either)

Doesn’t sound much, but it hurt…my partner for today was a bloke, which meant someone much bigger and stronger than me, and I got plenty of encouragement 😀

Just checked my emails to find Groupon are doing a deal at the Polenastics studio we went to for the hen night – 4 beginner lessons for a tenner (it’s usually £25), so have signed up for that 🙂

Have stuffed my face with breakfast of kings – smoked mackerel and strawberries and cream – yum!

Now for complicated work stuff, and another attempt to find a bloody dress!!!

Quick one before I have a shower and get ready for another thrilling staff meeting…

Nothing yet from the PT….tonight will be interesting.

Bootcamp excitement this morning, 1 minute each of the following;

v-sit with medicine ball press, v sit and side twists, shoulder rotation left, shoulder rotation right, drum roll  battling ropes, rest, clean and press, dumbbell squat/up halfway/down/up fully, inverted row, press ups with medicine ball, squat press and jump with medicine ball, burpee and jump with medicine ball, alternating static lunge, ring row, punchbag, rest, alternating sled pull x2, dirty fucking prowler, rest, static lunge on left leg, holding plates, same on right leg, 45 degree chest press, kettlebell squat and upright row, both v sits again….

Cruelty to colleagues will mean the diabetes I’m going to give them all what with the excessive amount of buttercream icing on the top of them all – MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! 😀

The car seems to be semi fixed – blocked idle jets, timing out, etc etc..though the timing is still way advanced, it seems to run OK, or it did yesterday..