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Well, I’m still here. Been a bit slack of late because I’ve been too caught up in my other project – Operation Kickarse!

I have given myself 13 weeks to remove my excess flab and get myself fit again! It’s all in another blog, but I’m only on week 1, and tough times are coming up…. πŸ˜€

So, to MMM ’12. This was really hard. It became apparent that I’m not overly happy about the clothes I have made and think few of them are fit to be worn. The last week was even harder as the weather was so hot, I just wore shorts and a vest for most of it…I did wear the black Taffy one day but didn’t get a pic. I didn’t get to wear the black and pink PVC skirt because I’m just not doing that in 28C heat!

So, a few piccies;

The bed was enormous!

Double decker trains! (If only First Crapital Connect had these!)

Some cool decoration on this building, near where we stayed

Me-made ladybird corset, after tightening to give myself a waist lol!

And from the front

Me-made Space Dress (I did adjust the belt after this was taken) The hair is also me-made lol!

Oh, and the netty petty underneath is me-made too!

Oh and this amused me in the bagel shop;


Obviously I was aware something was wrong in my dressmaking, then I went to Leipzig. I got a LOT of inspiration, and ideas for things to make and the sort of styles I liked. Consequently, I came home and made myself a stretch jersey minidress which I may take pics of later πŸ˜€

It seems as much as I like pretty dresses etc, I’m rarely going to wear them, and what I need is loads of bits I can mix and match, mainly black, grey and red. Eek. That’s not to say I’m not still going to make cute retro dresses, but now I have lists of other things to make, some for fun, some not.

I need work trousers. With pockets. Urgh, so tempted just to trawl the charity shops.

I want some just above knee length culottes. I like little flared skirts but I have chubby legs and they chafe in summer. Culottes is best of both worlds….

A shruggy bolero thing in stretch fabric (lace, most likely)

A number of long tops. I’ve made two already, by drawing round one I bought at Leipzig and overlocking it – seemed to work well – one thing the Germans can do is goth summerwear πŸ™‚

Right…tonight I’m off roller skating with friends, and yes I am taking knee pads, even if they make me look a dick.

Panorama Leipzig

Panorama Leipzig (Photo credit: baerchen57)

It came as a bit of a surprise at the weekend, when I realised it was a week and a half until we go to Whitby. This means now I have 8 days to sort my shit out. Erk. That’s 8 days of washing clothes, sorting out what to take (doing a Leipzig dry run so will be packing light…ish), and finishing stuff. List of stuff to do (that will probably be three times as long by tomorrow);

Clean and sort dreadies (they are at least in the washing machine, I HAVE made a start, I promise)

Rope in some nutjob find a remarkably helpful friend to put them in for me

Finish the purple netty petty

And the skirt to wear with it

Sort out what clothes fit/I am going to wear

Sort out stuff for the Bring and Buy

Finish the other items I’ve been too lazy busy to deal with

Bribe someone to feed the cat/water the tomatoes

Gather together my ‘mad’ make up

Buy elastic bands

Sort out hair accessories

Finish the bodice block

And also, in the next week, I have to go to the gym at least twice , skate at least once, and go to Polenastics twice, maybe 3 times. And paint/fix my car. Gah.

I then have 3 weeks of rest before I have to do it all again, in a foreign country. Oh yes, while trying to improve my German, which is somewhat….basic.I have found that there is a huge fabric shop there though – the Stoff-Galerie…. πŸ˜€

In other news, the wedding was pretty cool, went without any obvious traumas, and I quite enjoyed myself….my dress held up well, my shoes were painful after a while but sometimes you have to suffer for your vanity!

Gym tonight for the first time in a couple of weeks. I’m tired but need to go, I’m feeling flabby, and after filing down a form block yesterday, my shoulders are stiff – I am so puny!!!


Yesterday, I spectacularly failed to find a nice dress for Lucy’s wedding. Actually, no, I found two lovely dresses – one a tight animal print number, and one a long floaty, flowery girly effort. One was too big and one too small. Arse.

In anticipation of the event, I even bought some fake tan so my legs don’t blind everyone on the day..they’re half as tan as my arms now lol!!!

Just been to bootcamp, my elbows held up but are a little achey now. The pain today was 30 secs then 60 secs of the following;

Shoulder press, kettlebell swings, trap bar deadlift, horsey/drumroll battling ropes, push press, burpee/ring pull, wall squat and shoulder press/squat and lateral raise (no rest here!) and medicine ball crunch and pass/leg raises (no rest here either)

Doesn’t sound much, but it hurt…my partner for today was a bloke, which meant someone much bigger and stronger than me, and I got plenty of encouragement πŸ˜€

Just checked my emails to find Groupon are doing a deal at the Polenastics studio we went to for the hen night – 4 beginner lessons for a tenner (it’s usually Β£25), so have signed up for that πŸ™‚

Have stuffed my face with breakfast of kings – smoked mackerel and strawberries and cream – yum!

Now for complicated work stuff, and another attempt to find a bloody dress!!!


Got to the gym, no sign of the PT. Did my rehab work courtesy of Scotty fromΒ minus the squats and lunges as I did a load of those this morning. It involved much foam roller action, dynamic stretches and some core strength work.

On top of that, I did a bit of a back workout – lat pulldowns, low cable rows, straight arm pressdowns, back extensions, bicep curls and hammer curls. Happy to say I’m pretty much back to full strength on all of the above!!

Quick one before I have a shower and get ready for another thrilling staff meeting…

Nothing yet from the PT….tonight will be interesting.

Bootcamp excitement this morning, 1 minute each of the following;

v-sit with medicine ball press, v sit and side twists, shoulder rotation left, shoulder rotation right, drum rollΒ  battling ropes, rest, clean and press, dumbbell squat/up halfway/down/up fully, inverted row, press ups with medicine ball, squat press and jump with medicine ball, burpee and jump with medicine ball, alternating static lunge, ring row, punchbag, rest, alternating sled pull x2, dirty fucking prowler, rest, static lunge on left leg, holding plates, same on right leg, 45 degree chest press, kettlebell squat and upright row, both v sits again….

Cruelty to colleagues will mean the diabetes I’m going to give them all what with the excessive amount of buttercream icing on the top of them all – MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! πŸ˜€

The car seems to be semi fixed – blocked idle jets, timing out, etc etc..though the timing is still way advanced, it seems to run OK, or it did yesterday..

My time is often spent doing some form of exercise. Someone meeting me may find this quite difficult to believe, given that I am a fat bastard. 2 or 3 obscenely early hours a week are given to a brutal circuit bootcamp class, once or twice a week I wheeze myself around a 5k, most weeks I will spend 2 hours on skates, trying to break other people but not myself, and on top of that, a couple of hours a week injury rehab and strengthening work. I also attempt to get to the gym to do some actual lifting.

Yesterday was one such occasion. After going upstairs with Agent Orange (my trusty foam roller), I find the place packed…do a warm up instead and head to the weights area. After some time spent trying to get the leg press to work for one as vertically challenged as I am, I found the pads on the vibroplate machine do a pretty good job… πŸ˜€

I was then approached by a new member of staff..appears she’s training to be a PT, and needs experience of doing training plans etc for people…all free, but she’d told the girls at the desk she wanted a ‘challenge’, and not just some cardio queen who wanted to be skinny and ‘tone up’

Oh dear. How mean of them….

I did warn the girl I already see a trainer (or Exercise and Rehabilitation Manager, to give him his full title) who gives me specific stuff to do, so if she has a problem with the exercises I do, she may want to speak to him…also told her I do circuit training, and that they are overseeing my nutrition, as such.

None of this appeared to matter so I was shadowed as I made a feeble attempt to train legs, using machines as all the Smith machines and squat rack were full.

I like to think she learned a few things – on the leg extension ‘Why don’t you lean back against the pad and hold onto the hand….oh you can’t reach them…..’ On the hack squat machine ‘Why do you do calf raises on this instead of the calf raise machines….*cue demonstration*…oh, you can’t reach them….’ On the good girls and bad girls ‘Why do you put your foot only on the first peg and not fully on both?…oh, you can’t reach them…’

Anyhow, the upshot is that she will do a session plan, I shall try it out and give feedback as necessary. She also seems somewhat insistent on a diet plan…given that she seemed to disapprove of my egg breakfasts, and wanted me to eat porridge *retch* instead, I can see this being a major stumbling block…..have told her I will take a look at what she proposes, she will give me the ‘evidence’ it works, I shall mention Gary Taubes and invite her to Google him….

Today, I will mostly be writing up reports at home, with no distractions (hurrah for shit daytime TV) and making cakes for the staff meeting tomorrow. Oh, and reading about the internal combustion engine, as mine appears to not be combusting correctly…..