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Well, I’m still here. Been a bit slack of late because I’ve been too caught up in my other project – Operation Kickarse!

I have given myself 13 weeks to remove my excess flab and get myself fit again! It’s all in another blog, but I’m only on week 1, and tough times are coming up…. ๐Ÿ˜€

So, to MMM ’12. This was really hard. It became apparent that I’m not overly happy about the clothes I have made and think few of them are fit to be worn. The last week was even harder as the weather was so hot, I just wore shorts and a vest for most of it…I did wear the black Taffy one day but didn’t get a pic. I didn’t get to wear the black and pink PVC skirt because I’m just not doing that in 28C heat!

So, a few piccies;

The bed was enormous!

Double decker trains! (If only First Crapital Connect had these!)

Some cool decoration on this building, near where we stayed

Me-made ladybird corset, after tightening to give myself a waist lol!

And from the front

Me-made Space Dress (I did adjust the belt after this was taken) The hair is also me-made lol!

Oh, and the netty petty underneath is me-made too!

Oh and this amused me in the bagel shop;


Obviously I was aware something was wrong in my dressmaking, then I went to Leipzig. I got a LOT of inspiration, and ideas for things to make and the sort of styles I liked. Consequently, I came home and made myself a stretch jersey minidress which I may take pics of later ๐Ÿ˜€

It seems as much as I like pretty dresses etc, I’m rarely going to wear them, and what I need is loads of bits I can mix and match, mainly black, grey and red. Eek. That’s not to say I’m not still going to make cute retro dresses, but now I have lists of other things to make, some for fun, some not.

I need work trousers. With pockets. Urgh, so tempted just to trawl the charity shops.

I want some just above knee length culottes. I like little flared skirts but I have chubby legs and they chafe in summer. Culottes is best of both worlds….

A shruggy bolero thing in stretch fabric (lace, most likely)

A number of long tops. I’ve made two already, by drawing round one I bought at Leipzig and overlocking it – seemed to work well – one thing the Germans can do is goth summerwear ๐Ÿ™‚

Right…tonight I’m off roller skating with friends, and yes I am taking knee pads, even if they make me look a dick.


Firstly, we’ll start with MMM’12. I’ve learned quite a bit in the first two weeks – the first is that I am scruffy and unimaginative. The second is that I suck at dressmaking. Nothing I make passes muster. It’s very frustrating, and I’ve also learned that I like ‘weird’ clothes.

So, to some pics from the last couple of weeks. First off, I wore my straight skirt with chilli facing but Bob wasn’t about to take a pic, so I didn’t get one. I wore it with a black t shirt, leggings and boots. For a change.

The next day, I wore the black Taffy, with a skirt, leggings and er boots. Hmm. Incidentally, the turquoise one is still unwearable, I get really twitchy if my clothes are even SLIGHTLY uncomfortable. I’m debating giving it away or giving it a couple of months….

Meringue. The lighting is truly awful. This is still way too big, you can see it bunching up under the t shirt but it was very comfy and if I could alter it without having to do too much, I would….oh look, t shirt, leggings and boots…..

The wearable muslin made out of t shirt material, similar to the skull dress (8780?) worn over a long skirt this time, I think, and boots.

This is a circle skirt I made from the skirt part of the infamous 4790, out of the same material as the black Taffy. Unfortunately the hem stretched and the sides are knee length, and the front and back is mid calf…..however here it is worn over a long green velvet skirt, and it looks OK. I may be ruching it at some point…..yes I know you can’t see it very well. Worn with? t-shirt and boots. Lol.

Today I was going to wear the skull dress, but there was massive gapeage at the back, so I wore the skirt above, this time with a purple skirt, and some me-made leggings (and boots, and a black t shirt, natch). The leggins were not good – the jersey wasn’t stretchy in all directions and they barely cover my arse, so there is baggy knee, the lot, but they kept my leggies warm, you can just about see them….

This week I also made a shirt out of the spotty turquoise, and it fits well but it’s such an abortion, and I’m still sulking, I’m not putting a pic up yet….

And so to the Goth Meringue. I’ve wanted to make one for a while, but wasn’t sure about embellishment…..I saw this post and it came to me, so thanks for the inspiration!!!!

I went for some webby pink stuff I’ve had forever, and stitched it at a slant. Of course, I tried to get them all to match back and front, but no. It also stretches so when it was sewn together, the scallops stood up….gah. I added piping to weigh it down and look nicer, and it made it worse! In the end I had to cut the whole lot off and restitch the pink, but unstretched it doesn’t reach the bottom of the skirt – AARGHHHH!!!

Anyway, the zip went in OK, the facing looks lovely, and although there are some disaster areas, I think it’s rather nice – the 3 satin dots really improve the look, in my not overly humble opinion. From the original pattern, I cut a 10 (my other is a 14, this one is actually a VERY good fit, even though by rights it should be a little too small), shortened it by about 3″ (then another half inch later when I cocked it up!!), didn’t do the facing as the PVC fabric is very stiff anyway.

I may still edge stitch the bottom to make it look more finished….I also lengthened the darts. I probably should do a swayback adjustment but it’s too late now….. ๐Ÿ˜€

The facing – it went RIGHT!!!!

Dots. Satin stitched onto PVC, cut out then stitched onto the skirt – didn’t dare stitch them straight on lol!

The finished article, partial disaster but v. pretty (to me…)

Also today, we went to a classic car show and took the truck…..the celebrity guest came to check out the truck and had a good chat about it and sat in it – took me a few minutes to realise it was Chris Barrie – Bob knew straightaway – I didn’t even get a picย  – d’oh! Was rather col as both Bob and I are massive Red Dwarf fans….lol certain people got a text – Rimmer is sitting in the wagon!!! PMSL!!

And Bob bought me a little pressie. When I’ve sorted my computer desk out, it will be attached to my sewing table so I can clamp spiral bonin in it and twat it with a hammer and chisel. Tin snips just don’t do it rightย  ๐Ÿ˜€

Isn’t it sweet?

Little baby vice

Loads of clothes in for washing, will be packing for Leipzig probably tomorrow – although I’d love to get dressed up loads, there will be a lot of walking and standing around, so I need to be comfy. Me-made items being packed will include the Space Dress, Ladybird Corset, possibly the skull dress, and if I can make something out of the stripey jersey, all the better – I have only t-shirts (as my pictures evidence…) not long now!!!

Yes, it is.

I decided to make the Taffy out of the flowery floaty fabric. It’s one on my list of things to do for the Palette Challenge. The fabric itself was the most fraytastic horror this side of Chinese Satin….but it didn’t matter as a) it has French seams, and b) it’s going to look AWESOME.

Well….I did much the same as last time, cut out the same size, though I did make the neck slightly higher (about an inch) and I omitted the ties. I didn’t like the bias binding, so turned it in (this made no difference to the fit, I assure you) and I did a rolled hem again on the sleeves and hem. It looked so beautiful…..then…..

DISASTER! It’s too tight! I can wear it, and it looks gorgeous BUT it pulls across the top of my back and chest and really digs in at the front of my (admittedly shotputterish) shoulders. Gutted. The black one didn’t do that at all, and I cut the same size……AARGGHHH!!!!

Pic of it on the dummy (it truly is not as shapeless as it looks on there, honest!)

I did rehem my trousers and fix the elastic on my favourite green velvet skirt though, so something has gone without incident!!!

The day after I made the Taffy, I wore it to work. When I said it was a little tight round the hips, I lied – it is actually a perfect fit! The only thing that wasn’t was the neck – a little too wide and low, but I’ll know to fix that next time.

I’m thinking about making a Goth Meringue – we’ll see if I have time later… I must finish the netty petty and hem that damn skirt. I’m also playing car today, hopefully the rain will hold off.

My friend did my hair yesterday – 5 hours of dread installation! The colours shouldn’t work, but they do. They also instigate migraines in full daylight… (some of the colours are UV-reactive ๐Ÿ˜€ ) I think I have 5 varying shades of red and pink in there lol! Oh my god my head is sore – those things are in TIGHT!!

Pics will come later, right now I’m going to have a cup of tea, some breakfast and get pinning……….