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As I said before, we’re in the process of moving house…will probably be a few weeks yet but half the packing is done. First to be packed was the sewing stuff, then the books, then the clothes. Ah yes, the clothes. So many things blogged about, so many things put into the donate pile (or even chucked)…

It’s been commented on one of the blogs listed below that a number of bloggers make things then they never get seen again – some are wheeled out for Me Made May, but a lot of bloggers have a lot of output but seem to wear very little of what they make…I often wonder what happens to the clothes….

So of the things I’ve blogged about (that I remember), what made the cut to go to the new house?

Firstly, the black self drafted trousers get to stay.

The Miette skirt blogged about here, and the Christmas version. Because I find them useful, and they fit well.

The dress here was binned as it was just too tight across the chest but I made a version in a yellow bee print with an FBA and it made the cut

This dress because it is so damn comfy

The Hawaiian dress because I don’t care if it’s wonky, I love it

The ‘Horror of Satin II’ because it’s so obnoxious it deserves more outings

Also (because I cba to link anymore), the goth Meringue, the black Taffy, the ladybird corset and the space dress…also a strawberry print dress based on the space dress pattern I didn’t get around to blogging. I think the purple leopardprint dress made it too, as did the red New Years Eve dress I probably didn’t blog about. Damn, I’m rubbish at this blogging lark!

Anyway, that leaves a lot of stuff that didn’t fit properly, or well enough for me to persevere with…

Next year I will aim for far less wadders. I’m looking at at least 50% which is rubbish. I’ve been sewing for ages, I should get it by now.

I forget where I was with the ranting last week but I thought ‘sod it’ and went for Truffle Mk2 with some cheapo polka dot polycotton. Thing about polycotton – it BEHAVES!!!

This time – I cut standard pattern. Only alteration was half an inch at the hips on each back piece, and half an inch on the length to accommodate my squat butt. I also ignored the construction instructions and left the back seam till last. I got Bob to pin the back together and draw a line where it fit. Basically I took a small 1/2″ wedge out of the top of the centre back seam on either side. And I tried it on once the zip was done…fit pretty well, apart from a bit of baggy back. This was sorted by taking a small wedge out of the shoulders (I have sloping shoulders too)

And it was good. It fit, really quite well. Pleased with myself, I finished the neckline and hemmed the dress, adding a little lace trim. Came the evening, I showed it to Bob..WTF?

The arse rides up, there is still some bagging in the back, but if I pull my arms forward it’s tight so can’t take it in – AAARRGHHHH!!!!

I did wear it Friday night, I think it looked OK and was definitely wearable but just a little annoyed….will put a pic up at some point..

THis evening, I thought I’d redo the pinstripe fishtail skirt I cocked up last week. Cut the sides out, reinserted the zip, did all the gathering again, and it fit really well….(apart from a dodgy bit near the zip_…decided to press the seams, and side seams…and my iron melted the fabric!!! See mess below.



It didn’t do that last week, and the iron was on the same setting!! Double AAARRGHHHH!!!!

I did get some comedy patterns last week from the Oxfam shop for 29p each though. I was somewhat taken with this, for some reason ๐Ÿ˜€


In non sewing related stuff, I have some pictures of soil. I got to the allotment today, and planted some garlic, shallots and onions. In this darker bit of soil.


I also dug this bit of soil, into which I will put pea plants.


This is how it looked a fortnight ago, before I dug any soil


Okay. for the three people in the world who expressed an interest…. I just got Bob to take pics of the offending articles….oh and believe me when I say I am not nearly as shapeless as the pics make out…..honest!

Exhibit 1 – Portrait Mk1 – nice colour, nice fabric, dreadful fit. Looks fine till I attempt to move my arms, chest too tight, hips too tight….think I would need to cut it a size or two bigger and bring those tucks up higher…also bear in mind I lengthened this by a good 3 inches….


And the back…yes I weight train lol – NOW do you see my problem?? ๐Ÿ˜€


Exhibit 2 – Portrait Mk2 – made with the most evil fraying loose weaved fabric in the world, but perfect for an experiment (until I got a lump glued to my iron GRRRRR this shit cannot be pressed)

Added almost an inch per side, extended the shoulders slightly but made armhole bigger, shirred 4 rows at the narrowest part, the bit I ASSUMED would be the waistline. Er, no. To be fair, this version is infinitely more wearable, and I will probably wear it, it’s comfortable, only a little tight when I pull my shoulders and arms forward but the elasticated bit? Believe me when I say it is almost 2″ above my waist. And I’m short, and a bit shortwaisted….

Oh, and I haven’t done the neckline yet, was checking to see if it fit first. And yes, I hemmed the sleeves flat. Life is too short to hem them when the side seams are sewn up!


It nips in – honest!!

And the beefy back shot…and no the back hem isn’t straight…


In good news, I found my draft bodice block earlier – seems at some point I made one – now just need to trace it and try to make something sensible out of it. I’m quite into princess seam..and I have a pattern with them that fits a treat (apart from the waist being a little too high lol)

Been a bit ill over the weekend. Nowt serious, just an upset stomach, so yesterday, decided to attempt to do something simple to take my mind off it.

Bearing in mind I have very few tops, apart from t-shirts, thought I’d have a bash at the Portrait Blouse from Gertie’s book…

Looks simple enough – two pieces (I am NOT doing a neck facing, see previous posts) and I have a few ‘bits’ of fabric in my stash. Chose a drapeyish green that I found in a charity shop…was a metre and a half of 30″ wide so more than enough….

First, I looked at the sizing, picked an appropriate size, in this case, an 8, as I have a 38″ top bust measurement (39″ full) and 42″ hips (my waist is slightly larger but can be remedied). I also heeded previous reviews and cut it a little longer than the patter required…

Now, these measurements appear to correspond to a Big 4 size 16, which I normally cut. Couldn’t find actual garment measurement anywhere so measured the pattern pieces..all looked fine. I was also waaay too lazy to rethread the overlocker, so decided on French seams, just for my own amusement…

Soooo how did that work out for me?


See pics below on my lumpy chickenwire dummy. It’s pretty much my size so….

Firstly, it was a bit tight. Tight around the bust, very tight around the back, and also very tight on the hips, but OK on the waist (??? given my waist is a hefty 33″ does not compute)

The sleeves are also too tight..I have beefy arms.

And WTF is that baggy bit below the bust?


No, I didn’t get round to hemming it – it is now officially a toile….

And the back – HOW MUCH is that pulling on my back?

And yes, I have a sticky out arse…


Notes for next time…..

Make pattern pieces an inch bigger either side (or reduce the tucks), drop the armhole bottom by about an inch….

Otherwise, it’s quite nice. Grrrr hate it when that happens…..

No time to do another one today, but if I get chance, next effort will be overlocked….

Not sure exactly what I’ve ben up to since I last updated – I started an exercise blog, which predictably, lasted about a week before I had a major wobbler.

I’ve been training away from home, so not had time to do anything, and boy does it show.

I can’t tell you how annoyed I am by the weeds at the allotment – who knew plants could grow so much in 2 weeks? Saving grace is the tomatoes are looking fantastic, as are the spuds. I managed to cut down some chest high thistles, in order to give the carrots some light too….

I have now decided to go on the all out offensive. I’m going to buy a load of Glyphosate and black sheeting. Gonna spray the weeds that have beds of their own, cover with sheeting and bricks and leave. There’s not much else I’ll be sowing this year, and if I do, I have space in the sweetcorn bed as only 4 plants came up *sad face*

Meanwhile, on Ladybird Watch, I note that there are very few about this year, after seeing thousands in Spring…I saw one on the allotment today, that’s it…..haven’t even seen a Harlequin yet this year, except for the one I saw in Germany….

On the sewing front, I finally finished ‘The Horror of Satin MkII’, aka New Look 6002, and this time I went for eye searing magenta. I learned my lesson though, I made a toile of the bodice, and when I cut the pattern, I made sure I took a wedge out of the bodice front and each centre back seam. I even lined it. It wasn’t really difficult but it was really slippery polyester silk and the satin was also slippery….

Wore it to a friend’s wedding yesterday, and it was reasonably comfy, if a little tight at the back of the arms…and the hook and eye at the top of the zip itched. I attempted a lapped zipper because I didn’t have a concealed one, and it looks OK, but Bob tells me my zip is slightly off centre. Meh, I can’t see it….. ๐Ÿ˜€

I look grumpy as hell in the pic, but that’s because I was caught off guard – I said ‘take a pic’ and he didn’t even give me chance to smile! I like the dress, may well wear it to another it happens the wedding was awesome, and between the meal and the reception, we got to play lawn bowls, croquet and wander round the lake, we also found a stable with a horse and a really small donkey in, so we petted them too….

I don’t normally look this miserable, honest!

Firstly, we’ll start with MMM’12. I’ve learned quite a bit in the first two weeks – the first is that I am scruffy and unimaginative. The second is that I suck at dressmaking. Nothing I make passes muster. It’s very frustrating, and I’ve also learned that I like ‘weird’ clothes.

So, to some pics from the last couple of weeks. First off, I wore my straight skirt with chilli facing but Bob wasn’t about to take a pic, so I didn’t get one. I wore it with a black t shirt, leggings and boots. For a change.

The next day, I wore the black Taffy, with a skirt, leggings and er boots. Hmm. Incidentally, the turquoise one is still unwearable, I get really twitchy if my clothes are even SLIGHTLY uncomfortable. I’m debating giving it away or giving it a couple of months….

Meringue. The lighting is truly awful. This is still way too big, you can see it bunching up under the t shirt but it was very comfy and if I could alter it without having to do too much, I would….oh look, t shirt, leggings and boots…..

The wearable muslin made out of t shirt material, similar to the skull dress (8780?) worn over a long skirt this time, I think, and boots.

This is a circle skirt I made from the skirt part of the infamous 4790, out of the same material as the black Taffy. Unfortunately the hem stretched and the sides are knee length, and the front and back is mid calf…..however here it is worn over a long green velvet skirt, and it looks OK. I may be ruching it at some point…..yes I know you can’t see it very well. Worn with? t-shirt and boots. Lol.

Today I was going to wear the skull dress, but there was massive gapeage at the back, so I wore the skirt above, this time with a purple skirt, and some me-made leggings (and boots, and a black t shirt, natch). The leggins were not good – the jersey wasn’t stretchy in all directions and they barely cover my arse, so there is baggy knee, the lot, but they kept my leggies warm, you can just about see them….

This week I also made a shirt out of the spotty turquoise, and it fits well but it’s such an abortion, and I’m still sulking, I’m not putting a pic up yet….

And so to the Goth Meringue. I’ve wanted to make one for a while, but wasn’t sure about embellishment…..I saw this post and it came to me, so thanks for the inspiration!!!!

I went for some webby pink stuff I’ve had forever, and stitched it at a slant. Of course, I tried to get them all to match back and front, but no. It also stretches so when it was sewn together, the scallops stood up….gah. I added piping to weigh it down and look nicer, and it made it worse! In the end I had to cut the whole lot off and restitch the pink, but unstretched it doesn’t reach the bottom of the skirt – AARGHHHH!!!

Anyway, the zip went in OK, the facing looks lovely, and although there are some disaster areas, I think it’s rather nice – the 3 satin dots really improve the look, in my not overly humble opinion. From the original pattern, I cut a 10 (my other is a 14, this one is actually a VERY good fit, even though by rights it should be a little too small), shortened it by about 3″ (then another half inch later when I cocked it up!!), didn’t do the facing as the PVC fabric is very stiff anyway.

I may still edge stitch the bottom to make it look more finished….I also lengthened the darts. I probably should do a swayback adjustment but it’s too late now….. ๐Ÿ˜€

The facing – it went RIGHT!!!!

Dots. Satin stitched onto PVC, cut out then stitched onto the skirt – didn’t dare stitch them straight on lol!

The finished article, partial disaster but v. pretty (to me…)

Also today, we went to a classic car show and took the truck…..the celebrity guest came to check out the truck and had a good chat about it and sat in it – took me a few minutes to realise it was Chris Barrie – Bob knew straightaway – I didn’t even get a picย  – d’oh! Was rather col as both Bob and I are massive Red Dwarf fans….lol certain people got a text – Rimmer is sitting in the wagon!!! PMSL!!

And Bob bought me a little pressie. When I’ve sorted my computer desk out, it will be attached to my sewing table so I can clamp spiral bonin in it and twat it with a hammer and chisel. Tin snips just don’t do it rightย  ๐Ÿ˜€

Isn’t it sweet?

Little baby vice

Loads of clothes in for washing, will be packing for Leipzig probably tomorrow – although I’d love to get dressed up loads, there will be a lot of walking and standing around, so I need to be comfy. Me-made items being packed will include the Space Dress, Ladybird Corset, possibly the skull dress, and if I can make something out of the stripey jersey, all the better – I have only t-shirts (as my pictures evidence…) not long now!!!

Yes, it is.

I decided to make the Taffy out of the flowery floaty fabric. It’s one on my list of things to do for the Palette Challenge. The fabric itself was the most fraytastic horror this side of Chinese Satin….but it didn’t matter as a) it has French seams, and b) it’s going to look AWESOME.

Well….I did much the same as last time, cut out the same size, though I did make the neck slightly higher (about an inch) and I omitted the ties. I didn’t like the bias binding, so turned it in (this made no difference to the fit, I assure you) and I did a rolled hem again on the sleeves and hem. It looked so beautiful…..then…..

DISASTER! It’s too tight! I can wear it, and it looks gorgeous BUT it pulls across the top of my back and chest and really digs in at the front of my (admittedly shotputterish) shoulders. Gutted. The black one didn’t do that at all, and I cut the same size……AARGGHHH!!!!

Pic of it on the dummy (it truly is not as shapeless as it looks on there, honest!)

I did rehem my trousers and fix the elastic on my favourite green velvet skirt though, so something has gone without incident!!!

Panorama Leipzig

Panorama Leipzig (Photo credit: baerchen57)

It came as a bit of a surprise at the weekend, when I realised it was a week and a half until we go to Whitby. This means now I have 8 days to sort my shit out. Erk. That’s 8 days of washing clothes, sorting out what to take (doing a Leipzig dry run so will be packing light…ish), and finishing stuff. List of stuff to do (that will probably be three times as long by tomorrow);

Clean and sort dreadies (they are at least in the washing machine, I HAVE made a start, I promise)

Rope in some nutjob find a remarkably helpful friend to put them in for me

Finish the purple netty petty

And the skirt to wear with it

Sort out what clothes fit/I am going to wear

Sort out stuff for the Bring and Buy

Finish the other items I’ve been too lazy busy to deal with

Bribe someone to feed the cat/water the tomatoes

Gather together my ‘mad’ make up

Buy elastic bands

Sort out hair accessories

Finish the bodice block

And also, in the next week, I have to go to the gym at least twice , skate at least once, and go to Polenastics twice, maybe 3 times. And paint/fix my car. Gah.

I then have 3 weeks of rest before I have to do it all again, in a foreign country. Oh yes, while trying to improve my German, which is somewhat….basic.I have found that there is a huge fabric shop there though – the Stoff-Galerie…. ๐Ÿ˜€

In other news, the wedding was pretty cool, went without any obvious traumas, and I quite enjoyed myself….my dress held up well, my shoes were painful after a while but sometimes you have to suffer for your vanity!

Gym tonight for the first time in a couple of weeks. I’m tired but need to go, I’m feeling flabby, and after filing down a form block yesterday, my shoulders are stiff – I am so puny!!!

Why does everything I sew go to shit? Why? My lovely Meringue, newly catchstitched – why is the stitching showing through to the front – WHY??? I caught one thread, ONE and I may as well have hemmed the fucking thing. Oh, and because it’s a touch big around the waist, a t shirt over it causes it to rumple. Meh. Luckily, I have another planned, and I will cut it smaller – I’m done actually going by the sizes on the pattern envelope – each piece will be bloody well measured before cutting.

The skull dress – the zip has given up – I am just going to have to suck it up and resew a zip in it. Grrrr.

The ‘new’ dress. Apart from me majorly cocking up a French seam (It’s not very French), it was going together well (apart from the HUGE gape in the back), but then while sewing on a sleeve, my sewing machine stopped playing. Tension all gone to shit, nothing helps. Going to leave it a bit, see if it was just getting warm (and I have no patience, think I’m due a visit), and see if it will be OK tomorrow, or this evening. If not I will be digging out one of my others, and hoping it works! Just the sleeves, dammit (and the hem – shhhh) it’s not much to ask!!!


Today, I get the feeling I’m spectacularly shit at everything I do.

Take sewing. The only time I’ve made anything that fits properly is when I’ve been supervised (and had instruction on drafting the pattern) My Meringue is lovely but a little big on the waist, and today’s effort. Oh god…..

This is the New Look jacket (except it’s a waistcoat as I had no spare fabric). It was all going well until I decided to self bind the sleeves. It all went wrong, so the bias binding came out. Then I decided to bind the lapels too……except the binding is on the wrong way…..oh and it’s massive on the waist. I now have to put the buttonhole in, and I’m scared, as my machine is mardier than me when it comes to buttonholes…oh, and it has wrinkly shoulders. Gah. It all starts off well and goes to shit near the end, and I lose heart, get bored and go to the next thing.

The binding does make it quite ‘Prisoneresque’ though ๐Ÿ˜€ I do love The Prisoner…

Which is a dress to wear for weddings, in purple, white and black, but that’s another post….and another time – 4 day weekend means I may actually pace myself…..

They gym. I can’t be arsed, I really can’t. I love it when I’m there but it’s easy to make an excuse (I’m just cutting out this pattern…)

Same goes for diet. I’ve done strict paleo, I know I can do it, for a month at least, WHY can I still not resist sugar? WHY do I eat so much crap.

Take a look at the blogs on my blogroll – all inspirational people who do amazing things, all the things I want to do, from the ladies that make amazing clothes, to the Primal/Paleo boys and girls….gah.

Normal service shall be resumed shortly, I have Polenastics to go to, I may even post some pics of the waistcoat failure for your amusement.