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My computer is being so slow today! I got halfway through my last post and couldn’t be arsed……

Whitby – as mentioned, torrential rain and gale force winds – we managed one decent day,where we went for a walk on the beach – the rest of it was spent running to and from the pub/takeaway/shops.

I did manage to pretty myself up, a bit. Friday night I wore the Space Dress, and in honour of this did my makeup in alien green lol

Look at the greenness lol

The following night, the ladybird corset got an outing, as did some truly ridiculous red makeup

I have no pics of me taken in May yet, but I think the hair will count as one of the me-made items – I did make them , after all! It would be cheating to use them more than once per installation though….

While we were sitting in the cottage, out of the rain, I watched Fat Head again – the second time round hit home more than the first, so much so that Bob and I now have an agreement – with the exception of social occasions (birthdays, holidays, weddings etc), he is not allowed beer, and I’m not allowed sugar. We’ll see how that goes…..

As such, I’ve just made a huge 5lb meatloaf from the recipe at Modern Paleo Warfare (check blogroll) and that will keep us in food for 2-3 days…




Not a lot, actually. Mainly, this was down to two things;

I’m skint

The weather was DIRE.

I do now have an idea of what to take to Leipzig in 3 weeks though – and stuff I have to make.

It has been nice reading everyone’s blogs – internet signal was severely lacking!!!

I did indeed have too many skirts and not enough tops. Tomorrow I shall start planning what to make for the palette challenge, I’m also aware I have 5 days left this week to wear 3 me made things.

Will update properly when I find out if my Space Dress has died in the washing machine….

What have I been up to? Not a lot. Failing to make stuff properly, tidying up and packing for Whitby, that’s about it!

Will be taking some creations with me, have to practice for MMM’12!

Will also be visiting Boyes and the fabric shop

Much walking and stuff to be done, lots of fry ups to eat, and drink to er drink 😀

Have tidied up the sewing room so it looks lovely, repotted the triffids and packed.

Packing, it occurs to me I have loads of skirts, and no tops. Unless you count baggy old band t shirts. This must be rectified….I can’t make tops for shit. Even I can’t have a wardrobe FULL of Taffies :p

I am now knackered and am going to veg in front of the telly with either tea or JD, depending on if there’s milk in the fridge…..

Also forgot to mention on Ladybird Watch last weekend, at the allotment, as well as loads of seven spots, I also saw over half a dozen Adonis Ladybirds – this makes me very happy. Still no filthy foreign ones yet this year….. 😀

Whitby - Whalebone Arch and View

Whitby - Whalebone Arch and View (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The day after I made the Taffy, I wore it to work. When I said it was a little tight round the hips, I lied – it is actually a perfect fit! The only thing that wasn’t was the neck – a little too wide and low, but I’ll know to fix that next time.

I’m thinking about making a Goth Meringue – we’ll see if I have time later… I must finish the netty petty and hem that damn skirt. I’m also playing car today, hopefully the rain will hold off.

My friend did my hair yesterday – 5 hours of dread installation! The colours shouldn’t work, but they do. They also instigate migraines in full daylight… (some of the colours are UV-reactive 😀 ) I think I have 5 varying shades of red and pink in there lol! Oh my god my head is sore – those things are in TIGHT!!

Pics will come later, right now I’m going to have a cup of tea, some breakfast and get pinning……….

Well, how am I getting on with my impossible list of stuff to do?

Hair – I’ve washed the dreads, bought elastic bands and found someone daft enough to help put them in.

All0tment – rain has stipped me getting there to check the peas, but I repotted some tomatoes earlier – have to repot the Amish ones (again) and the earlies, but I’ve run out of compost….will buy more tomorrow (assuming it’s on offer – 81p!!!)

MMM-12/Colette – Erm. I went to the charity shop the other day – they had fabric. I bought most of it. The bits that ‘go’ with the challenge – the purple cotton that looks like a 70s bedsheet (it isn’t), the aqua stuff that I think is best used as lining, and er,,,,not the tomato red stretchy velvet stuff, or the black suiting type material, nor is it the stretchy 80s splatter print in black and red on white. Oops. The pattern I bought in the sale (£2.47 – woop – even though it’s a $2.99 pattern :s) is a plain dress pattern. Not shorts, or a jacket, or even a blouse. Oh dear.I am about to attempt to do some more of the netty petty, so I will shortly hate pins.

Done a bit of washing, pots and clothes. I’ve even (the important bit) wrteen up half a dozen reports this morning, so now I actually have time to do stuff.

I didn’t skate – funds and ropey gumshield meant no chance. Elbow still knackered from Polenastics 😦

Thing I Need To Make #1 – I was rather drawn to the turquoise version, but I have that bag of leather scraps I found – now I have a project (or 3) to make feom them – yay!!!

Right. where’s them pins…..

Panorama Leipzig

Panorama Leipzig (Photo credit: baerchen57)

It came as a bit of a surprise at the weekend, when I realised it was a week and a half until we go to Whitby. This means now I have 8 days to sort my shit out. Erk. That’s 8 days of washing clothes, sorting out what to take (doing a Leipzig dry run so will be packing light…ish), and finishing stuff. List of stuff to do (that will probably be three times as long by tomorrow);

Clean and sort dreadies (they are at least in the washing machine, I HAVE made a start, I promise)

Rope in some nutjob find a remarkably helpful friend to put them in for me

Finish the purple netty petty

And the skirt to wear with it

Sort out what clothes fit/I am going to wear

Sort out stuff for the Bring and Buy

Finish the other items I’ve been too lazy busy to deal with

Bribe someone to feed the cat/water the tomatoes

Gather together my ‘mad’ make up

Buy elastic bands

Sort out hair accessories

Finish the bodice block

And also, in the next week, I have to go to the gym at least twice , skate at least once, and go to Polenastics twice, maybe 3 times. And paint/fix my car. Gah.

I then have 3 weeks of rest before I have to do it all again, in a foreign country. Oh yes, while trying to improve my German, which is somewhat….basic.I have found that there is a huge fabric shop there though – the Stoff-Galerie…. 😀

In other news, the wedding was pretty cool, went without any obvious traumas, and I quite enjoyed myself….my dress held up well, my shoes were painful after a while but sometimes you have to suffer for your vanity!

Gym tonight for the first time in a couple of weeks. I’m tired but need to go, I’m feeling flabby, and after filing down a form block yesterday, my shoulders are stiff – I am so puny!!!

I’m going to do a challenge! And unlike most of the diet/exercise type I normally do, I think I’m actually going to enjoy this one, and make a bit of an effort. For the full blurb, go here

Clearly, I haven’t made enough stuff to actually wear things EVERY day, (unless I wear the same things for 4 days straight), but I can at least make the effort!

With that in mind,

‘I, Beklet of sign up as a participant of MeMadeMay ’12. I endeavour to wear at least one me-made garment a minimum of 3 times a week for the duration of May 2012’

Ha…..bearing in mind the wadders and UFOs, it leaves me with few wearable things – the bonus of course, is that at the beginning and end of May, I will be at various music festivals, namely and which means I get to wear my corset and the Space Dress at least once 😀

I also think that on at least 2 occasions a week, I should wear a beautiful item someone else has made for me, as really, it’s not all about me, ya know, I should at least showcase the talents of my friends 😀

So, currently wearable I have the Meringue, the Space Dress, Broccoli top, Chilli skirt, trousers (if I hem them properly), the skull dress (if I redo the zip), ladybird corset, and with any luck, the dress I’m going to finish today. I’m quite excited – it looks like it’s actually going to fit – despite the neck facing being a pain….I’m worried the fabric is a little flimsy, so there has been some topstitching at the waist, and I will be going for French seams at the side.

Also debating whether to use bias tape to hem it. I wanted lace but nowhere has any, and neither is ANYWHERE open on Easter Sunday.

Been a while

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Been on holiday, have a crappy cold, and been making stuff. Now, I will not pretend to be a great dressmaker – I am just starting out. My first serious foray into this was the Space Dress, which I love, and may have to make various versions of…..

This post is going to be long, so bear with me. I have been experimenting and reading many blogs of late. My biggest problem is that I get bored, and frustrated, as today will no doubt show……this post is a little picture thingy of stuff wot I have made, and it will serve as a cringeworthy reminder in years to come of how ropey I was in the beginning :p

A few things to clear up. Despite the fact I look a bit of a goth, go to goth weekends and festivals (Whitby was awesome, by the way), I do have a penchant for bizarre fabrics and lairy colour combinations. Oh yes. The Space Dress is a case in point, I just HAD to have the fabric

Space Dress

Ignore the gruesome hallway….

While buying the buttons for the dress, I found some equally bizarre fabric, and made the Broccoli Top. A variation on the top half of the SD, with shirring instead of a zip. Learning point from this was that I should have made the shirring deeper, as the hips are huge. I may yet take the bottom in a bit….I also couldn’t resist the chilli fabric, so I made a circle skirt in that….

And as part of the green theme, I made a netty petty. Never have I cursed pins so much, or nearly fallen asleep at an overlocker. In true style, I started to get the hang of it when I was nearly done. I’m going to make a purple one soon, a longer version, but I will recover from this one first…

Veggie heavenTeh Evilz

I then decided to try something more adventurous, in a scary silver leopard print. Oh yes. I bought the fabric before I read the reviews of the infamous Butterick 4790. I originally wanted nice light girly fabric but was swayed by the lairy shit….and then found I would probably be garotted by it anyway. I made it, in the silver and some black satin (WHY?? Satin is shit to sew, particularly cheap stuff, FFS I must hate myself) – The hem went tits up, so I decided to bind it. Everywhere had sold out of black sating so I bought silver. Big mistake. When I get time (and the will to live, binding 6 metres of hem is fucking soul destroying), I’m cutting off the silver because it looks crap and replacing it with black satin. Pic as proof of the vileness of silver bias binding….

Walk away dress, and I want to!

I WILL make this again, in a more suitable fabric.

As always I made my dreadies for Whitby, white, blonde and ice blue, though I added turquiose at the last minute cos I panicked I didn’t have enough. In progress… (the brown ones are ones I was making for a friend)

And installed (and me wearing the broc top lol!)

I look a tit


I bought more fabric while I was at Whitby. I got some plain black and white gingham, and some obnoxious cat fabric

In fact, I checked my fabric stash, and for a total novice, I thought it was quite good, apart from the lack of red….

I remembered some fabric I’d bought from an Indian shop a while back – the plan was to make a skirt for a wedding, but it all went tits up, as satiny stuff is rotten to sew, and frays like buggery – not good when you don’t have an overlocker….thankfully, I currently have occasional access to one, so I decided to use the remaining evil fabric in a top. And the accompanying pink chiffon stuff as the lining. Because I’m stupid like that…..I bought it THEN read the reviews on

As usual, I didn’t pick a straightforward one…….

I did take note of the ease issues (there’s loads of it), and cut it one size smaller at the bust and two at the waist, though I lost the plot with the instructions for the lining and decided to make it up as I went along…there are a few dodgy bits, but right now it doesn’t look too awful…apart from the colour clash…….I just need to get some buttons tomorrow and brave hemming the bloody thing (unless I can find hot pink bias tape……) It seems to fit OK, maybe a little big, but I’ll see when the buttons go on….

Tomorrow, I will be having help digging the weeds (I helped someone else today) then there will be buttonhole hell followed by a first attempt to draft a pattern block for a skirt. I may also cut out pieces for the gingham top – another variation of the broc/space top, with more shirring and possible sleeves, a v neck and modesty panel. If I get time…….

Oops, quite image heavy this one, and I haven’t said much about anything….off to look at more blogs now…..

I have actually fallen in love with a dress I saw on a blog, despite the pattern photo looking awful (I don’t like orange, for a start). When I get some serious cash and some nice fabric, I WILL be making the lovely Ceylon dress…blog I found it on here

How amazing is that dress?

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I actually drank some green tea today without gagging. Yay me. It was Twinings green tea with lemon, if you’re interested…

It’s all going well but it’s a total pain in the arse trying to buy stuff from shops when you get the munchies mid afternoon. I’ve made it to Day 8, that’s nearly a third of the way through!!

Have been tested tonight as I did a mystery shop at Frankie and Benny’s. Oh, how I was tempted by the wondrousness of the rack of ribs and sticky prawns…..but I was good. I had chicken wings for starter (and ignored the blue cheese sauce), and lamb shank for main – the nice chap was also happy to substitute the mashed spud for extra veg – result! 😀 And I had a bloody strong coffee (it was in the brief, and Bob won’t touch the stuff…)

Want to do another one, but I have to order a glass of wine – I’m pretty sure that would be OK, right…… 😉

Today’s Graze box was awesome, as I could eat everything in it, so I shall do so, tomorrow. Use this code to get a free box at


Ah yes, tomorrow. Our order of various butters (mango, macadamia, olive, kokum, coffee, illipe, shea and argan oil) has arrived, and tomorrow, we should be making lovely body butter, a hair mask for next time I’m let loose with the bleach, face and eye cream and lip balm…..can’t wait!!!

I also have the net for the netty petty I’ll be making when I can get access to an overlocker, and this weekend I will begin making a bumper batch of dreads for Whitby.

My bathroom floor is now black, and the bog is back in place – hurrah!

In industrious mode, I also tidied my cupboard at work today…tomorrow I will attempt the desk…eek!!! o_O

That’s about it really. Not so much to say today, but it’s been quite a good one, now I have to find some pots as I know I won’t be happy with just one pot of body butter….. 😀

Goals, shops

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Thank you all for your kind comments, it seemed to go well, and I didn’t upset anyone!

Got to Leicester, was quite early, and was just about to learn about
wrapping soap, when everyone arrived. Didn’t actually serve any real
customers, but learned about the products (I actually learned a couple
of things too), and the tills.

Just been to the gym, and though I am doing well with my new programme,
I seem to be stagnating as far as weights used are concerned. I need to
sort out goals – weights I want to be using by Whitby.

I did this tonight;

gym weights and rant